Apologies and thank you's

I need to apologise to so many of you, to say thank you to many of you……. the apologies for not commenting on your beautiful, exceptional (and I mean it!) artwork, and not replying to your kind and inspiring comments on mine.
Thank you to the unknown buyer of twenty of my works,thank you to those I know who have purchased some of my art. Thank you to those of you who voted for my work in the different challenges on RB………
The last year has been absolute mayhem on all levels……… from murder to armed robberies, to taking in a destitute family, to my wife being diagnosed with Cancer (thankfully the surgery was successful!) ……. and more.
But, through it all, I learned some very valuable lessons. No matter what we’ve been through, there are many,many more worse off than us. I have come to truly appreciate my family and realise how strong our bonds are. I have listened to the stories of others and realised and appreciated that what I have, what we have as a family, is pure gold……. that we have faced each challenge and in most, found a solution. It hasn’t been easy……… but I believe it’s made us stronger.The road is long, the destination may not be in sight yet, progress might be slow….but we’ll get there!
We need to help others less fortunate than ourselves.
I have come to realise that my life is what I want it to be………. my marriage what I want it to be.
We all need someone in our lives who believes in us, who cares about us, who supports us.
I am lucky
So, to those of you who have touched my life…. through your comments, your inspiration…..and just being there – Thank you!

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