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Im Muds.

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to you all... :))

just want to say that you are all blowing me out with your zest and energy, the work you all create and tamper n tinker with…how massively serious alot of it is to produce and that we want to share and live and show lots of love and respect to & here in our family…even if where half or completely insane, its still ours, its a powerful place and its doing me a powerful amount of go…
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Mates Lost From Us

ive seen the faces of those left who have not come to terms at all with your pass / they suffer in quiet anguish and dont have much to say for themselves / you are very much dearly missed as is the pain inside for the maimed of us / but / you knew those of us and those to come / would be fiercely strong in our brother and sisterhood / for you in all our love / never forgotten / Luke / Jase / Mas…
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i know a butterfly...

somewhere up there in the sky / flitting amongst the suns golden rays up high / out of sight for so long i cannot but sigh / i do so often wonder of her / what has become…
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