Critique welcomed?

I’ve been doing some thinking.

What do you think about random strangers critiquing your art? I googled “critiquing” and found something on critiquing stories but I think the ideas can be used generally.

I think for me, I don’t critique as much as I would like because of lack of subject knowledge and confidence, plus a worry that I will upset people (from what I gather, a lot of people are sharing work for the first time, sometimes stuff they have kept to themselves for a long time. I’m like that with some works).

But increasingly I dislike my comments written for the sake of commenting, either to say the work is good (because I really actually do like it but don’t like just flavouring it) or because I want to say something about what I don’t like and end up with a mediocre comment.

Any ideas/feelings? Are there any groups out there I don’t know of?

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