All my work, unless otherwise noted, is open for critique.

I mess around with photography, laugh at my t-shirt designs then dance or cry because of my poems…usually. And so long as you don’t laugh at my photography, cry at my tees and mess around with my poems I’m sure we’ll get along.

My favourite comment at the moment is from bahgoesthesheep on peebow (by o0OdemocrazyO0o)

“if I had a pet that peed a rainbow
I think… heart might explode with joy xD”


A: They’re more like giant cherries….

IWBTG is a game everyone should make their children play.

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Critique welcomed?

I’ve been doing some thinking. / What do you think about random strangers critiquing your art? I googled “critiquing” and found something on critiquing stories but I think the ideas can be used generally. / I think for me, I don’t critique as much as I would like because of lack of subject knowledge and confidence, plus a worry that I will upset people (from what I gather,…
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woohoo -- featured :D

Firebloom has been featured in The Patchwork! / I’m so happy :D
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I’m back after a long absence. Many reasons, besides being in Zimbabwe for the last two months. Hopefully I’ll get back into things now!
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