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Well Nanowrimo is coming up very fast. I don’t know if I an keep the pace every day. maybe I should just do it 6 days a week. I already writ every day because I’m online, I do emails etc………… / but those are all small inconsequential events. / writing 50,000 words feels like running a marathon. How much time can I give this every day for a month? Invariable…
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Back Of An Envelope: happiness is a state of mind

Not soliciting here! / sorry if anybody thought I was. I’m writing things to get geared up for / NANOWRIMO in November. National Novel Writer’s Month. We are supposed to do 50,000 words in 30 days. that’s 1667 words a day. / Do they have to make sense? hmmmmmmmm not sure if mine will. / Flash Fiction is a great way to flex your mind. A story in 150 words or less. Happin…
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Florida Women Show

I have an opportunity to show this fall in my central florida area. I haven’t seen the flyer yet but an artist friend called me up and said I should participate. / wow no size limitation!! that’s different. I have til October 6 to enter.
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Leaving On A Jet Plane

So everybody is laughing at MY expense because my niece and I are getting on a plane tomorrow / 9/11 to fly to upstate NY because her sister is getting married on Saturday 9/13 which just happens to be my wedding anniversary. / I will be sitting with my niece, her husband their young daughter who is a nice child and the two little boys – one who is less that 3 and the other who is just past…
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