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House Warming

Some of you may have noticed I have not posted or said much lately. The reason is I am rebuilding my fireplace. The new one will actually heat the house and have a “look” that is original and have a sense of belonging to this home. It is taking three months to complete. I have not taken time off for this project, and only on the weekends am I rested enough to tackle the never ending design problems and new tools, so that some wood gets cut and stone set in place. No photos as yet as I have decided this thing will be presented rather than shared as a work in progress.
I am writing about this because this project is the biggest thing I have attempted since my garden was built. The Fireplace sits right next to a window looking into my garden and up to now has not gotten a second glance. My goal is to create an interior eventually that can create as much interest as my yard has and also be a comfortable/beautiful place to retire to…
The design is relatively simple, but you will not see another like it. It is built to code, and I am using expensive materials. It has four “found” elements that have determined the final design. I don’t mean to tease you as much as just explain where and what I am doing. I have never been busier, or more creative in my life. This project is a trial transition into my looming retirement (God willing) and I have so many ideas that I want to explore. I am also exhausted, and curse whenever something inexplicable happens to my efforts. I don’t have a workshop, and am pushing tools beyond what they are supposed to do. If I could click my fingers and make something appear, it would be so much easier on my wife Terry…. instead I learn the hard way. The only way I ever have…

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