The most recent submission of mine called “Cucamonga Falls” brings some thoughts to light. It is a photo taken long ago when I was 23 I think. I have been to this location since and have maybe ten other versions of it. Some of those have a log next to the waterfall that fell there, others are in sunlight and the exposures suffered. This slide was on the bluish side and covered with dust and paint splashes. It took three hours just to remove the flaws, another hour to post process it to my liking. I could hike to the waterfall again in that amount of time! However, there is no water in it now, and rubble from recent fires may have filled the pool. Taggers have probably spray painted the rock walls since I have been there last but it has been four years, though I hope they have not. I may get a few faves, some comments too, but it is not likely to sell at all. Yet I continue to do this incredible amount of work just so I can see now what I saw then. Am I an artist or just a guy with a camera and a compulsive disorder?

Artists are compelled to do what they want to do and that it is what I find interesting about them. It does not pay, fans are few and the time spent doing this is never coming back. Yet there is nothing I’d rather do.

Thanks for the recent community posting and features I have had in recent weeks. I am planning on doing some Christmas shopping here soon and I suggest if you give somebody a shirt or a print of some kind this year, get it from Redbubble!

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