Jack sat with Amber on the edge of the beach where the water met the sand. It was dark but still he could see her eyes burning in the night like diamonds. They were so high. She had wanted to go swimming naked. Jack had never seen her naked before and when she mentioned it his mind reacted as though it were Christmas morning and he was five again. But not wanting to betray his eagerness at the anticipation of seeing that curvy tan body in the buff, he had played it off with an air of indifference.
“I don’t know, he had told her, the water might be kinda cold. But if you really want to…”
He had drove like a maniac to get to the lake wondering if that was a slight smile on the edges of her mouth as the trees whipped by outside of the car. When they had arrived they got high and he relished the sense of clarifying distortion almost as much as the thought of her naked body. When they were done she had a foot in the water and her shirt was coming off, until a truck pulled up and parked close to where they were. And now some guy was sitting not twenty feet from them doing something to a rather large fish he had caught.
“What the fuck is he doing? Go away already,” Jack kept thinking. Her hand was on his thigh and that sensation along with the cool water lapping at his legs intensified his high to a precise sharp-tipped point.
“Jack,” she asked.
“Why do we only smile when we’re high?”
Jack saw that the man had pulled a folding lawn chair out of the back of his truck and was going to continue playing with his fish far into the night. “Because the world is cruel,” he answered.

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  • lianne
    liannealmost 6 years ago

    Ah the frustrated dreams! I could feel the tension of this moment throughout Matt. I’m not quite sure how to take your ending here though – God, I hope you have other occasions to smile besides that. And funny thing is – the smile itself is victory over the world’s cruelty. Wonderfully well written Matt!

  • Thanks lianne, I do have many occasions to smile, the characters view is not my view-anymore. Thanks for reading.

    – mtda

  • deliriousgirl
    deliriousgirlalmost 6 years ago

    Because the world is cruel

    HAAAA!!! Yep, you are correct! The trick is to find the small, obscure things that make you smile even when you’re not high.

  • I agree dg, that’s the thing that keeps me clean, I find that I have a very strange sense of humor though…

    – mtda

  • HeatherTS
    HeatherTSalmost 6 years ago sure is…grrrr

    another wonderfuly written story, this story reminds me of this song!…because this girl has a lil rebel streak in her!


  • Yeah, I like that song, I also like writing about female characters who are rebellious which is something I havent done much of lately.

    – mtda

  • HeatherTS
    HeatherTSalmost 6 years ago

    it’s called living vicariously, thru your characters…its safe, and brings a bit of pleasure to that part that needs it ;o)

  • Niki08
    Niki08almost 6 years ago

    Great. I remember only laughing only smileing only being happy when I was high. I had to learn how to have fun and have a good time without being high. Luckily I had you to help me along the way. You still do help me with my character defects and I thank you so much. You are amazing.

  • Am not. But thanks for the kind words.

    – mtda

  • greeneyedlady
    greeneyedladyalmost 6 years ago

    clarifying distortion

    hahaha what an interesting description of the concept!!!! great story!

  • Thanks for reading, glad you liked.

    – mtda

  • WanderingAuthor
    WanderingAuthoralmost 6 years ago

    Although I found it a sad story, with the characters trapped in a world where they could only smile when they were high, it is also a great story. I find it interesting because it could almost be a snippet from a longer work. I’m very glad you got over your writer’s block. (Something which always passes, by the way – even last fall, when I found a friend dead on his kitchen floor, then discovered he’d destroyed everything he’d ever written, and I felt I could never write again; well, it took a few months, but as you see, here I am. I know how it feels when the words won’t come, but even then, don’t despair.)

  • That is a very sad story and I’m glad you overcame it. I haven’t gotten over mine entirely, this so story was more of a single frame (a scene even) in my mind and I just added a little depth to it. I’m very dissatisfied with what I have written these past few days but I think that is a bit of a hangover from Welcome to the End which is something I am very proud of. Thanks for stopping by and having a look.

    – mtda

  • shaktipat
    shaktipatalmost 6 years ago

    i love this. here’s why – you have a knack at weaving a reader between the internal and external experiences of your protagonists. in this case jack, but i’ve noticed this skill in some other of your pieces as well. a lot of the time in ‘real’ life these two perceptions conflict, regardless of if someone’s high or not. we feel one thing but express something else. big up’s for your talent at brining this out in your stories.

    ‘… relished the sense of clarifying distortion’ is the best line i’ve read in ages.
  • Your too kind. Yeah, I love the contradiction that exists between what is really going on inside and what we actually show on the surface. I’d like to explore it in something a bit longer one of these days… Thanks for the fave.

    – mtda

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