having gone too far into the woods, they were never seen again by Nadya Johnson

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having gone too far into the woods, they were never seen again by 

Who or what are the hooded beings said to lurk in the forests near the long-abandoned iron mines in the Hudson River Valley of New York? These are among the scariest accounts from the Annals of the Strange and Unexplained. (Story is below)


In one such report from 2003, a woman was headed home on a hot summer night and being well acquainted with the area, decided she would take a backroad through the woods. Not long after turning off, she thought she saw a deer in the darkness up ahead. She slowed the car and blinked her lights. Then she realized it was a hooded figure, not a deer. The apparition wagged its arms as though to wave her down, whereupon the woman stopped and called “Are you okay?” At that point, “ten to fifteen people dressed in long red robes” appeared from all directions, swarmed her car and started shaking it. Before she had the time to lock her door, one yanked it open, reached inside and tried to drag her from the vehicle! In her subsequent report she said that when it grabbed her arm, its hands were cold and leathery “like something dead.” She could see no facial features, just a pair of red glowing eyes. Terrified, the woman kicked the at creature with one foot, floored the pedal with the other and ultimately disengaged herself. As she sped away she saw the figures running after her but much to her relief, lost them behind her in the night.

This was not an isolated incident. Such reports of “hooded beings” in the area date back into the 1800’s. In one such account, a Mr. Harold Eglin Jr. claimed he’d seen the hooded fiends emerge directly from the bedrock. In some reports, the figures “come from nowhere,” disappear like smoke, and witnesses insist they “drove right through them” in their vehicles. Among the earliest accounts is that about a Mr. Tilly Foster who paid a great deal for a certain mine in the region back in 1830 – but he never mined a bit of ore! The mine still bears his name, today. The story goes that he was walking to the entrance of the mine one evening when a he saw a glowing mist emerging from the tunnel mouth. The mist took on a “human shape,” a strong wind began to blow and something in the dark began to howl in an almost-human voice. The specter came in his direction, drifted past him to his side and then returned to the tunnel where it disappeared. So terrified was he, he shut down the mine and never made a profit from it, though he lived on the property until his death in 1842.

Who, or what, are people seeing in the woods? Is something in the air causing people to hallucinate? Are there strange beings living underground? Or are the witnesses to such events seeing through a sort of “gateway” to an alternate Reality existing side by side with ours? The jury’s out on that … but there have been more such reports in the past twenty years than in the prior century. The region is a “hot spot” too, for UFO’s and many other supernatural happenings – so evidently something is afoot (we just have no way of knowing what it is!)

Just another Mystery … marked “Unsolved!”

(Information based on “Files from the Edge” and “Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFO’s” both by Philip J. Imbrogno. Image is inspired by the books!)

Photoshop Creation

Background from Mystical Forest by burtn
Car from car 01 by Qosko stock
Screaming woman (standing) is from Scream by stormstock
Screaming passenger from X-pressionette by tasastock
Hooded figures based on Masked Pack by Ysaedastock and the hooded girl by aliel (colors altered)


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  • annacuypers
    annacuypersabout 2 years ago

    Aww, this is really creepy Nadya but also fascinating and intriguing… Great story and image, love, anna xxo

  • Yes, this would be ULTRA-creepy!! I was really fascinated by the story though. Thank you for your comment Anna!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • Seth  Weaver
    Seth Weaverabout 2 years ago

    A haunting and enchanting VISUAL adventure!

  • Thank you, Seth! Wouldn’t want to see this in reality at all.. ! :)

    – Nadya Johnson

  • Carol and Mike Werner
    Carol and Mike...about 2 years ago

    Fascinating stuff, Nadya . . . very twilight zone . . . great image to go with it, too. I do not think I would like to go into that forest alone at night!

  • Thank you, Carol! The Hudson River Valley is among the most “haunted” places in the States, apparently. It might be interesting but on the other hand… hmm!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • virginian
    virginianabout 2 years ago

    Great story and image!

  • Thank you, Judy!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • Monnie Ryan
    Monnie Ryanabout 2 years ago

    Yikes – but a fabulous creation!

  • Thanks, Monnie! Yikes! would be my reaction too (if I could still speak at all)!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • Ogre
    Ogreabout 2 years ago

    Druids. Gotta be Druids. :-p

    Cool pic!

  • Well, there are old stone structures in the region. No one knows who left them; some say the natives, some say Druids came to America in ancient times. But I don’t think these guys are them! lol Thanks, Claude.

    – Nadya Johnson

  • shadowlea
    shadowleaabout 2 years ago

    scary but very interesting….seems like a dimensional gateway….some theorise that that there are many level of dimensions with different levels of intelligence, co-existing around this planet/universe…..which people sometimes get a glimpse of…I believe anything is possible…….

  • There’s a theory that the “weirdness” in the Hudson River Valley (there’s a lot of it) may be related to the old iron mines; seems the magnetic fields there are strange as well. Thanks for your comment, Irene!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • Louise Delahunty
    Louise Delahuntyabout 2 years ago

    haha! excellent! Love the cloaks :)

  • Thank you, Louise!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageabout 2 years ago

  • Thank you, Francis!

    – Nadya Johnson

  • © Kira Bodensted
    © Kira Bodenstedabout 2 years ago


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  • Thank you Kira! So very pleased to have this featured! :)

    – Nadya Johnson

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