Time Travelers’ Lament
(The cost of going rogue)

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They were separated in this eldritch place – she on the boat still laying out the breakfast, he off picking wild mushrooms when the perturbation in the time-wave came.

For here along the river on the 7th moon of Purrn deep within the Lost Suns Nebulae, the laws of physics were in constant flux. That’s what made it relatively safe for temporal wanderers to cross from one Existence to another, parallel Existence.

But what made it relatively safe, also made it risky. Here, Time was skewed – mutable – mercurial. Now, the two were out of phase with one another, she in one universe, he in another. Time-lines danced across the ether here, filaments adrift across the infinite abyss like cob-web wisps. The chances of another temporal junction were as unlikely and remote as two wind-borne seeds uniting on the breeze from opposing hemispheres. Yet she came here every second year regardless, knowing – hoping – he was here as well, albeit in an alternate dimension impossible to reach or even see.

There were reasons for the rules. They were both Level 7 Agents in the Time Guild. They knew the Ban on inter-mingling with co-habitants from parallel dimensions but defied the interdict. Now, and forever, she would pay the price for that.

Sometimes, she thought she sensed his presence. Wishful thinking, maybe… maybe just the flickering of shadows or the sighing of the wind… maybe just the glint of sunlight on the water, or a wild creature moving in the brush…

If nothing else, she felt a greater empathy for mortals now, who also listened for beloved voices in the night.

This is an excerpt from a story I’ve been working on.

Credits for the image go to the following people at

Background with tree by Elenadudina

Time-traveling man is from Falln Stock at DeviantArt

Time-traveling woman is from Mel 7 by Amiba-stock.

Boat is from Labneh Stock.

Chairs and table from Breedstock

Other elements are mine. Multiple layers of color, light and texture are applied in CS2.


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  • Andrey Popov
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    Gorgeous image and work, Nadya!!

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    I know “who” ya mean, there… still a beautiful piece of work, regardless! ;D

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    Gorgeous work! Lovely piece! Bravo!!! :-)

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  • loiteke
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