Update on Stolen Work

There were several posts today including mine about some stolen art and photos on a site called wallpark. com. Just so you know, it seems they’ve shut down! So for now, the problem’s solved. They received some irate letters earlier, and it must have scared them off. They removed all their material. Whether they will surface later with another name, who knows ~ HOPE NOT! ~ but from how it looks they’re NOT in business anymore.

No one meant to be alarmist! But I guess it pays to maske a little noise, rather than to take things sitting down. Especially when they’re stealing photos by the hundreds, and not just from the Bubble, either! There were other sites involved.

Thanks to everybody who replied! I think (hope) we nipped it in the bud before they made big money o…

YOUR WORK is probably being stolen!

Attention, All Bubblers! go to and key in your name. Work is being stolen from the Bubble right and left!

There is another post about this matter here. I didn’t really think I’d find my work was stolen but lo and behold ~ I found not just a few, but 329!! They have a contact page under “Privacy.” Do your search, find your stolen works if any, then use the page to write to them demanding they remove your stuff!

This is the most blatant rip-off yet. I want to thank Susie Peek for the heads-up! Please help get the word around as well. Also, should you find you’ve been victimized report them to the Bubble. If they don’t remove our work I’m not sure what we can do, but maybe if we ALL speak out and the Bubble backs us up, we can stop th…

Challenge Winners! / thanks!

Really pleased to win some recent challenges! Huge Thank you to the voters, and the group hosts! The challenges are one more thing that make the Bubble much more fun and way more interesting than any other site and it IS thanks to the extra time, thought and effort by the hosts. So, thank you all! :-)))

Winner/ Wildflower Colour Series/ White & Cream
Wildflowers of the World

Winner/ Photoshop ~ Beach with an Umbrella (Amazing Challenge Entertainment)

Winner/ Animals Down on the Farm (Midwestern US Photography)

Winner/ Sunrise, Sunset (Midwestern US Photography)

Winner/ Being Green (Midwestern US Photography)

Yay! Challenge Winners!

Happy to have won a couple recent challenges!

Winner/ Kittens & Cubs
For the Love of Cats


Winner/ Wildflowers in the Pink
WIldflowers of America

(THE LAST HOORAH/ pink trillium)

Winner/ Arbor Day in the Swamp/Wetlands
Mudflats, Mangroves and Marshes


Thanks to all who voted and also to the hosts who take the extra time, work and thought to make the Bubble much more fun and interesting than it would be without the challenges! :-))

Yay! Challenge Winners!

Really pleased to win two recent challenges!

Wasn’t going to post these any more… LOL! But while it’s not like there’s a $500,000 prize (or even vouchers anymore), it IS very cool to win and I greatly appreciate the votes as well as the time and effort on the part of hosts to do them in the first place. With the format change, we lost some GREAT groups, some great hosts, and some may not be doing challenges anymore at all… so I think it’s only fitting to support this terrific feature on the Bubble!

Challenges are One More Thing that make the Bubble so unique and place it galaxies above the rest. So, THANK YOU, everyone who voted! Thank you to the hosts! And as a host myself, thanks to EVERYONE who enters/votes and participates in challenges! Whether m…

Change of heart about the format!

Well ~ yes, I DID say “No More Journals” yesterday. :-o

Then too, while deleting 6 years’ worth of OLD journals, I came across not one but two, wherein I said “Alas! Farewell to all! I’m leaving the Bubble forever! Today!” Holy Batman! I guess even I can’t rely on what I say, sometimes! (That drama was inspired by the same old thing… format change. Yet again!)

So… no. Not leaving! I don’t Love all the changes, but I did discover yesterday that it was EASIER to do my Showcase in the Sci Fi Group than it was with the other format. I did not expect that! So, one Big Point for the New Format! :-) I’m adjusting. I hope the same is true for everybody else! Someimes we, and I include myself, have a tendency to panic everytime an …