Sales/ Thanks!

Huge Thanks to the buyers of my recent work! Pleased as punch that you like my photos, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!


Storm Light

Snow by Moonlight


Coming of the Spring

Awaiting Spring

A Vintage Winter’s Day


Winter Comes to Call

Thanks! (sales/challenge wins)

Huge thanks to the recent buyers of my work, Storm Light (print) and "WHO’s in the Theater?* (shirt design)!

~ also, thank you to the hosts and voters in “Visual Texture” and "Amazing Challenge Entertainment!* (recent challenge wins)

October Avatar Challenge Visual Texture Group

People Looking at Cars/Car Shows Challenge Entertainment

Challenges are great! And it’s not the winning (although it’s great to win), it’s the inspiration and the fun. So again, thank you hosts! And fellow members, for participating too!

Pillow Sales! Thanks!

Huge Thanks to the anonymous buyer of my pillows!

Stillman Mansion (Galena, IL)

Saturday on Main Street (Galena, IL)

Main Street, Galena IL

View Across the Water (Galena, IL)

So pleased, and hope you love the pillows! I ordered onr recently myself (none of the above designs) and I have to say, I am REALLY pleased with the quality.

Thanks also to the recent buyers of my cards!

Nature’s Paint Box

Quilt Barn

First Contact

Sale! Thanks!

Thank you, fellow Sci Fi fan, for purchasing my shirt! Hope you’ll enjoy it! I really appreciate your support! (Not my sentiments; the quote is from the show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. lol!)

We’re Safe

Thank you, Buyers!

A Huge Thank You to the buyers, for your recent purchases! Your support is appreciated very much! I tend to get behind with this and I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with my email, so I hope I’m not leaving anybody out.

Very Happy Holidays to all!

Hanging up the Cards


Victorian on 4th St
(multiples, on this one)


Twilight Snow

Do Not Disturb!

WHO is in the box?

They don’t like you either!

Thank You! (Recent Sale/ Challenge Winners)

A Huge Thanks to the buyer who purchased my work, The Old Town Hall!

Also, to the hosts ~ and the voters! ~ in Midwestern US ART & Photography as well as Old Farts of Red Bubble!

Winner/ Don’t Bug Me (Midwestern US Art & Photography)

The Birdhouse Bench
Winner/ Avatar Challenge ~ Yellow (Old Farts of Red Bubble)

Does anybody else have trouble keeping up with challenges??? Half the time I spot them only when they close and then think, “Darn! I would have loved to enter that!” LOL Wish there was a better system… but they’re fun either way and I’m proud and honored to have won some here and there!