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Sold 2 shirts and calendar

A huge Thank You to the buyers of my shirt designs and calendar! I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Two shirts

Somewhere… Dr. Who


Visions out of Space and Time

(Click to see the pages if you’d like)

This calendar was done some time ago. I had hoped to do some new ones but the site won’t let me ~ nor will it let me edit calendars! ~ so I guess I’m out of luck on that. I did contact the RB staff, and they were prompt, kind and helpful… but nothing anyone’s suggested worked so far, I’m sad to say.

And to everybody else, my apologies for being absent; caught a case of flu which is why I haven’t been around. Still not up to snuff completely but feeling better now, so I hope to get on track again ASAP!

calendars/ anybody having problems?

Just wondering if anyone but me is having problems creating and/or editing calendars! I can’t seem to do either one. The message I get is, “Sorry/ Site Caught Fire!” Its obviously not the case, as I can get to any other screen or function of my choice.

Not a Happy Camper! I don’t want to go to other sites for making calendars but I want some for Christmas ~ I may have to!

Collections: help!

I’m sure it’s a dumb question and I will be thoroughly embarassed when I learn the answer… but if you know how to DELETE collections, please hop in and give me a clue!

All I’ve figured out so far, is I can “repace” one collection with another (by changing the title and deleting, then replacing works) but it seems the long way around.

Thanks! LOL :-)

Sold a shirt/ thanks! :-)

Thanks to my fellow Cubs fan for purchasing my commemoration to the long-awaited Exit, Stage Left for Murphy the Goat! (Don’t worry/ he isn’t dead, only banished from Chicago; maybe hanging out in Goat Heaven?) It was not his fault, after all… but we’re glad the Dire Curse has run its day!

This just proves you gotta take stuff that’s said in Chicago’s major sports-bars SERIOUS. (If you don’t know the story, be sure and click to read to get the scoop. lol!) “Go, Cubs!”

Sanity Restored! Thank you, RB!

What a treat to come here today and find my Profile Page restored to its former, normal state!

Busy day today, so just a short HEARTFELT “Thank You!” to the staff and designers for listening to our earlier concerns! Thanks, thanks and thanks again!

And thanks to everyone who spoke up, too. I hope those who quit over this will check in, see the light, and come back “home.” Nothing, anywhere, is Perfect; and the road to progress can be bumpy, but there IS strength in unity. And patience. I said in my Forums I would “Keep Calm and Carry On” ~ glad I did, always good advice. :-)

Galleries: Change it Back, RB!

If you haven’t seen your Profile yet today, go there now: but be prepared! They’ve done another major alteration to the Bubble, and I hope you’ll all weigh in with what you think.…

Me, I am so in shock I’m speechless! This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I used to send my gallery link to people and was proud to share it. Now I’d be ashamed. RB SHOULD BE ASHAMED! It’s not about finding my artwork, I can do that; it’s about the invasion of what ought to be our private space and the wholly amateurish look. I take time to edit my images for products! They do NOT fit all. Now here they are, splattered willy-nilly like some drunk came in and sabotaged my gallery. I’ve been here almost since the site began and I’ve adjusted to a litany of changes, but this one tops the cake. Serious

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