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New layout -quick solution

I don’t typically hop on the bandwagaon when it comes to political stuff around here. I am here for very simple reasons, to enjoy art, to share my art and learn from you amazing artists! But with all the chatter, journals, people leaving due to the new layout, I had to share this.
I personally love people who come up with solutions! You rock Luke

A brilliant example from Luke Griffin of how to work around the system. new layout

His words from his journal below will explain how to do this:

Ok, so here’s what I’ve worked out I will do to circumvent the restrictions of the new layout which cuts off our description area in a rather ugly manner because I want all of my ‘description’ to be visible without people having to make any additional clicks.

From now on, I will be uploading my work in the usual manner. I will be redesigning my personal ‘advert banner thingy’ that I have so it fits neatly into (and across) the truncated default description display area. I guess that bit just applies to me. The next bit though can be used/done by anyone.

For the following process to work as I will describe, the most important part is to be certain that YOU MUST BE THE PERSON TO MAKE THE FIRST COMMENT ON YOUR ARTWORK. If you fail to do so, it will just look ugly. ;-)

So… I will try my best to explain my approach.

1 – As stated above, the key is to be the first person to make a “comment” on your work. It could be as little as a simple full-stop.

2- for that first ‘comment’ you can ‘reply’ as many times as you like to it AND you CAN delete other ‘replies to that same ’comment’. IT IS IN THIS REPLY THAT YOU PUT THE CODE THAT YOU WANT TO USE FOR YOUR FULL DESCRIPTION

3- So… if you put your code in the ‘reply’ to the first comment (which was yours in the first place), then you can make corrections in the code, placing the corrected code in a NEW ‘reply’ to the first comment and deleting your initial ‘reply’ – the one with the errors in it.

Why are we using the reply section and not the comment section you ask? We cannot edit comments that we make. We can ONLY delete them. If we delete them though, the replies attached to them will go as well. So! If you follow the above steps you will be able to ‘edit’ (aka correct, replace and delete) as much as you like.

I hope that makes some sense as I have tried to type this up quickly to help get people started with a way to deal with the truncated descriptions that many of us are very unhappy about.



  • Jennifer Hulbert-Hortman
    Jennifer Hulbe...over 3 years ago

    This is very helpful Angela. Thanks for taking the time to post this!!! : ) Jennifer

  • It’s not the ultimate long term solution but it is a fix :) hope others spread the word and we can all get back to enjoying the beautiful art :)

    – Angela King-Jones

  • Luke Griffin
    Luke Griffinover 3 years ago

    Always happy to help if I can.

    Many thanks for your kind words Angela.

  • Luke Griffin
    Luke Griffinover 3 years ago

    There is an example HERE that more accurately represents the description method I outlined above.

  • Awesome, I will say it again, you rock! It’s not the ultimate long term solution but it is a fix and once again, clever thinking wins!!

    – Angela King-Jones

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageover 3 years ago

    hum… it sounds ok, but truly complicated versus the former version. so the real question here is what are the benefits of this change ? IMHO none so far !
    my best, francis.

  • Understand and agree… hence the title “quick fix” vs long term solution…

    – Angela King-Jones

  • linaji
    linajiover 3 years ago

    I’ve faved both you and Lukes journals and well, I am just amazed at the expanding nature of each generation… Luke.. you are what this world is all about if one allows it to be. You have found a way to bringing everything you desire into focus no matter what happens… same for you Angela… I too do not get into forums nor pointing fingers. HOwever this concerned me. I am so glad I am in a community of INNOVATORS and PROBLEM SOLVERS…

  • xoxoSo glad you think the glass is half full too my friend.. It’s not the ultimate long term solution but it is a fix :)

    – Angela King-Jones

  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammerover 3 years ago

    Very clever and dead easy to do. Thanks for the post Angela.

  • Clever indeed. I think that Luke figured, instead of beating his head against a rock or threatening to leave( what do they care) work AROUND the problem…… It’s not the ultimate long term solution but it is a fix :)

    – Angela King-Jones

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamover 3 years ago

    Great that you are sharing this too! He came up with a very simple and clever solution. I had been trying to hash out something similar but I’m glad he came up with this first and articulated it so well to everyone!

    Thanks again for adding your support to the issue! Thanks Angela!

  • It’s not the ultimate long term solution but it is a fix :)RB will continue to do what they please, in the end we have to remember, it’s their FREE website to play with as they see fit. :)

    – Angela King-Jones

  • Lissywitch
    Lissywitchover 3 years ago

    brilliant, yay!

  • It’s not the ultimate long term solution but it is a short term fix :)

    – Angela King-Jones

  • Donna Keevers Driver
    Donna Keevers ...over 3 years ago

    Good thinking – and we can add a comment while image is “hiding” before anyone else gets to it.

  • Mark Wade
    Mark Wadeover 3 years ago

    Still politically correct my dear

  • :) I will always try, thanks Mark :)

    – Angela King-Jones