I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. I left to live permanently with my parents in Florida, pinellas county, at age of 13. My brothers have left Florida to go back to Canada. I was the only one left to my parents which I felt the obligation to stay and finish my education as a graphic designer.

As a child, I was curious, and came across my mother’s charcoal drawings in a drawer. It is to this day, I have discovered the most beautiful creation I have seen. Art. I have made my mind to become an artist and later on to become a graphic designer. I have followed my dream career and I am now a professional graphic designer and artist.
I have found excitement in all media from drawing to sculpting/sculpting pumpkins to murals and graphic design. The happiest feeling is when you see the satisfied expression in a clients/customers face with the artwork they love.

- Awards for multiple Fine Art Competition.
- Award for 19th Annual Juried Print Award.
- Award for SPC Annual Juried Art Show.
- Award for Florida Annual Art Show.
- Award for Packaging Design 2009.

- Freelancing from painting to logo designs.
- Composing and illustrating a year long project of children books.
- Planning the next children book after the year long project.
- Painting, drawing and graphic-ing new art.
- Commuting with other artist and accepting challenges/competitions from companies.

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2 Sticky fingers -Sale

Made another 2 sale on the AR Symbol stickers. Awesomeness!! thank you for the like and the buyer. =) Enjoy! /,white,mens,ffffff.u2.jpg / “AR Symbol” by MsSLeboeuf / Thank you again, / MsSLeboeuf
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Thank you to the buyers for purchasing: / Buyer 1) a light blue “Grunge Fleur De Lis” T-shirt. / Buyer 2) a brown “Turtle” T-shirt. / Buyer 3) a “AR” sticker. / Enjoy your new accessories and tell all your friends to come by. / Thank you! :) / SL
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TShirt Sale

Thank you for the buyer of the " Love Shopping AR15" dark gray tshirt. Awesome logo and you, buyer, will look amazing in it. / / “Love Shopping AR15” by MsSLeboeuf
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Sale - iPhone 5 Case

Just sold one of the Celtic Fleur De Lis iPhone 5 case. Yippie!!!! / One of my favorite designs. Thank you to the buyer. / / Celtic Fleur De Lis by MsSLeboeuf
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