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Children Book Idea

Here is my story about a children book idea;

I planted a seed in my mind about creating a children book 3-4 years ago. Due to work and other personal issues, I have put it behind my “mind curtain”. Some times, my idea, revealed itself again and again once in a while when I had free time.

One day came, I grabbed a notebook and pen and started to write my idea for my children book. I came up with the moral of the story, characters and their names. In addition, I begun to sketch the illustrations. But… again, I found myself placing my idea behind my “mind curtain” while I was struggling with other issues in my personal life.

After months passed, I decided to sit down and created my book illustrations on my computer. Everything went well. I enjoyed it very much. But I placed it on hold once again.

My mind has been very occupied since. I observed, researched and learned so much about children books. I have had multiple different ideas for children books since. From the knowledge I have gained with my researches, I figured a way to publish my book on my own.

I have place my first children book idea aside for a better time/opportunity since I want it to be extra special. Meanwhile, I have started on another book idea which involves an educational/instructional section with a cute original short story to show the artist’s (me) talents.

I hope it is a success and I hope once it is completed others will share my story and my book with other friends and family following with them sharing it as well with others.

Thank you for your interest,

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