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Julie Sleeman

Julie Sleeman

Myers Flat, Bendigo, Australia

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Hello old friends!
I hope that I am emerging from a year full of change and some drama and heartache. Have literally had no time for RB so that says a lot. Last year we sold our farm and relocated to the very edge of Bendigo. Exchanged a 3/4 hour drive for a 10 minute one, and 100 acres and a large home for a smaller cottage on 20 acres, but very close to our family. During that year I endured a dose of the flu while packing up house, ongoing health issues, the death of my husband’s uncle and achieved the completion of my grad cert in MS nursing. This year was meant to be a new start, but so far, we have buried 2 of our beloved family dogs, and just this week, my father as well. On the light side, I took a trip to Vietnam and Bali, which was amazing, but managed to come home ill an…


Not sure if anyone has noticed but I haven’t been visiting for a while…..a couple of reasons…..we are selling our farm and have purchased another property and that has all taken a huge amount of time and energy. Secondly, I have been selling my cameras and lenses and ready to start fresh with a new set of equipment to inspire me. Have chosen my next SLR but have not yet purchased. Am awaiting my new compact which I had no intentions of buying until I saw the comparison shots with my much beloved and trusted Panasonic Lumix, and had to jump ship! Look forward to catching up again soon and putting up some new work.
Cheers, Julie

An Amazing Week!

This is my first journal entry since joining RB almost 2 years ago. Since starting out I have met some wonderfully talented people, generous in their support and praise, and terrifically encouraging and helpful. THANKYOU ALL!!! This week has been amazing because I have had 9 of my works featured in the week, and a record number in the past month. This is so encouraging for me, as I feel that I have so much yet to learn about the art of photography. That is what makes it the best activity to be involved with… notice more of everything around you, and enjoy it more for its creative potential, as well as striving for that better shot all the time!! I may not always have the time to add work, or to peruse others’ work, but I look forward to coming back to RB when I do. It is …