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Julie Sleeman

Julie Sleeman

Myers Flat, Bendigo, Australia

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Hello fellow camera lovers!
I am not a professional, but a Mum of adult children, lover of animals and natural beauty, community nurse who travels a lot…….this gives me great opportunities to capture lots of pics, and I am never without a camera in my car.
I grew up with a dad that loves photography, and I have a passion for it myself. I particularly love sunsets, reflections, fog, storms, rainbows, and any special light that makes the ordinary things extraordinary. I have recently developed a love for street and travel photography.
I Hope you enjoy my work, as it comes from the heart! I have used various cameras over the years including Olympus DSLR E-520, Nikon D 5100, and now Nikon D610. I always have a compact and go through them like shoes! I have loved Panasonics over the years, but currently have and love, a Sony RX100.
“Souled.On.Images”: is my tag. I have a Facebook page by that name.

  • Age: 58
  • Joined: April 2010



Hello old friends! / I hope that I am emerging from a year full of change and some drama and heartache. Have literally had no time for RB so that says a lot. Last year we sold our farm and relocated to the very edge of Bendigo. Exchanged a 3/4 hour drive for a 10 minute one, and 100 acres and a large home for a smaller cottage on 20 acres, but very close to our family. During that year I endured…
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Not sure if anyone has noticed but I haven’t been visiting for a while…..a couple of reasons…..we are selling our farm and have purchased another property and that has all taken a huge amount of time and energy. Secondly, I have been selling my cameras and lenses and ready to start fresh with a new set of equipment to inspire me. Have chosen my next SLR but have not yet purchase…
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An Amazing Week!

This is my first journal entry since joining RB almost 2 years ago. Since starting out I have met some wonderfully talented people, generous in their support and praise, and terrifically encouraging and helpful. THANKYOU ALL!!! This week has been amazing because I have had 9 of my works featured in the week, and a record number in the past month. This is so encouraging for me, as I feel that I ha…
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