He burns old friends like driftwood; / jealousy is nothing good. / Rage burns, making her spineless. / Torture renders her careless. / Fren…

Dragonfly possibilities

As a girl / chasing dandelions, / she once considered, / dreamed, that perhaps / she wanted to act. / One day, far away / she thought about…

Between the cracks

The art of letter writing has fallen between the cracks; / yet I admire the messiness of hand printing chaos / and a signature for more tha…

Crepuscule for Calliope

I am dragonfly light

Plague & Pestilence

Reality is a labyrinth

He walks in darkness

bruises of unkindness a sign

Missing pieces

Today I despise / Nails chewed to the quick / Malformed toenails on deformed toes / The too-quick slurp and swallow of coffee / An agonisin…

The participle principle

Is this future or past? I do not understand

WORD OF THE DAY – German – Backpfeife…

If you find holes in your shoes, and you’re up to your neck in bitterness and blues – start with a simple list.

Alert & Alarmed

Future dystopia: outlook – myopia.

Act as one

Debbie Lee published in international Bullying Awareness paperback by msdebbie

BIRKENHEAD POINT (GPS: 151°9’28"E, 33°…

How does the harbour feel as light fades?

Between hope and fallacy

shiny connections, messages without reflection

Published in Issue 9 of Carty’s Poetry Jour…

What is the purpose of writing? by msdebbie


A woman can shape-change

Emotional light

a chemical attraction of luminescence

Reflections on a heart transplant

Inspired by Paul Simon’s beautiful song Father And Daughter. / [Video] / If you leap awake in the mirror of a bad dream / And for a f…
Reflections on a heart transplant by msdebbie

Old folks’ homes

Our withered elders, wasted, atrophied and shrunken.

Outside Broadmeadows

Do I look okay, helpful, professional? / Relaxed, unstressed, distressed? / People make no sense. / I cannot sleep at night. / I worry. I w…

12 months on (tsunami of emotion)

I felt powerless to avoid the rip tide, a tsunami of emotion snared my insides.

Smack of jellyfish

Although I grimace, / shiver, throb and ache like a / quiver of cobras

Because you’re a girl

Dear women, / I like Twitter and Facebook as much as the next person, but on Thursday, 8 March 2012, I have to admit, I was kind of trembli…

Walking at dusk

the ghostly slither of something serpentine emerging from the soil.

People watching

People watching in city cafes is common. Passe perhaps. But always interesting. / I try to imagine what a conversation could become. Awkwar…

Birthday wishes

My love, my Paul, / my wonderful one, / my sun and stars. / The list goes on and on. / I can never tire of saying / I love you. For I do, …


Headstrong and careless, / unaware of her driving, / she took the boy’s life. / Deceived and reckless, / uneasily she denied / knowin…

Silence which lingers

The groan and whisper… / The moan and whimper… / …Silence which lingers.

I want to believe

I want to believe / in the goodness of people; / hopeful optimist. / I want your beliefs / to inspire and move people; / rosy idealist. / I…


I wish for linguistic smoothness

Taking the plunge

I feel the currents

2011 (year in review)

I don’t really follow numerology, / astrology or Scientology, / but during 2010 I suspected / 2011 would be a big year. / From 3-Feb-…

The broken places

I find my strength in the broken places

For my sun and stars (a Christmas Day poem)

Another milestone, / not a stone by which we sink. / Our second Christmas Day, / in a treasure chest of memories, / while we look ahead and…

There is much to love

There is much to love / about Christmas, but as I / gift wrap for children, / sprinkling stars and glitter / or tying a red bow, / all I co…

Silly season

Shopping lists, / forgotten gifts, / a Christmas wish - / joy to the world… / Do we have the time? / Or a tick-tock ho-hum / mentalit…

Illusion of self-sufficiency

Fantasy to inspire whimsy

Alcohol alchemy

The alchemy of alcohol

Wormhole journey (2011)

individuals connect to something greater.

Defining the fairytale ending

I never wanted a fairytale ending.

Easy as ABC

The man I love: / Always attempts to understand me, and himself. / Beautifully brushes the hair from my face so our eyes connect. / Cares…

Rediscovering beauty

I’ve so often wondered, / How should beauty / really be defined? / What is “beautiful”? / Is it something simple, / appea…

Hopeful optimist (5-7-5 haiku)

I want to believe

Word Tree Challenge (six words, eight lines)

Along the forest trail, / Little Red could only wail, / as she smelt lupine flesh / succumb to firey death. / When the pyrotechnic display …

False Generosity

My friend said thank you to him.

A dream?

Is this a dream? / Or something in-between? / Am I creeping to salvation, / or just drawing nearer to damnation? / Oh, the horror! I murmur…

Settling down

I still oppose / the words / Settling down. / Aren’t we meant / to fly, to soar, / to leap, to roar, / rather than / settle down? / …

Maddening PC sameness

Although you interact politely / in various social situations, / I am not fooled by the disguise / of politically correct machinations. / T…

Similarities overlap, differences strengthen

Delving into maps, ambiguity offers traps.

A beautiful body

I have a beautiful body. / An unexpected statement from / a full-figured, curvaceous girl. / But let’s try it on for size. / I unders…

Little Red bedtime story

My father / . . . knew a thing or two about bedtime stories

Searching for love (an Icarus quest)

The imprint of a hand

Love (for my sun and stars)

Love finds a way to spark, / to glimmer and shimmer

I am not pretty

Ridiculous labels do not define me

What girl ever dreamed of pr*stitution?



Dear friends, let us pray / I remember such murmurings / vaguely, like a filtered dream. / When I clutch at your hand, / it holds for me mo…

Throw it away

Do not hide your eyes / from the ugly truth. / Amid fear and depravity, / you know, it’s utterly uncouth. / 1. / Charlotte loves to g…

Inbox is full

My inbox is full / of messages I do not need. / My smile is full / of teeth which crack and bleed. / My memory is full / of words which say…

Creepy crawly temptation

Temptation lingers


Please tell me, am I / meant to laugh if I think / a rom-com is overrated? / Even if it’s your favourite. / I am not a typical / gi…

Chasing hearts

The chase is all he craves and knows.


Remember when Pluto was a planet? / Remember when we danced to forget? / Remember when my smile was swallowed? / Remember when haunted thou…

Sincerely Forevermore

pedantic semantics, / we are so often / the same.

Panic-attack girl


Him and me versus the pharmaceutical PTB

Medicine as threat represents terror.

What is the 36th sign of madness?

Love is madness


From people scarred by one another, / from a steroid and rohypnol subculture


a tender whirl, / tendrils curl


She needs to come and go

Reflections on the economics of domesticity

Love is a tightrope

For my Grandma (poem in two parts)

1 – told with the voice of Mrs Ivy Houston / I am an old woman. / Have lived a good life, / Don’t want another funeral, except …


I want the blue turned black.

War and Peace

we should wage war on such bland mediocrity.

Starts with V (ends in odka)


Diving (poem of empowerment)

I breathe differently

This poem is a spell

Knowledge has fallen to googling

How do you know?

Can you find its essence / in silence? / Can you strum its / tawny string? / Can you colour it / like music? / Will you fumble or follow…

Ethereal vs earthy

You are ethereal, elemental. / It reminds me, I am earthy, grounded. / The differences between us seem endless, / And from myth, I feel my …
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