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Bear (on p10 of PPM Issue 18)

Always excited to feel the support of my Pink Panther Magazine sisters! Thank you Jen, Anna, VirgoSun, Sybille and Helen.

I feel pretty delighted that a piece as small as Bear made the cut actually! Hard to go past the lovely things Jen has already written for promotional purposes too methinks…

“One of Pink Panther Magazine’s visions is to see every woman connect with other women in order to glean from each other’s experiences and to draw upon the encouragement and support a sisterhood of shared interests can provide. The art, poetry, and articles selected for each issue cover a plethora of feminist experiences—most of which center on the individual woman and how she reacts, adapts, and navigates through her daily endeavors.

The common threads that bind the featured art and poetry of Issue 18 together center on this idea of the individual woman’s quest to find places to exist as her unique, individual self. The many faces of self-doubt and self-loathing, and how they influence self-perceptions, are another reoccurring motif in this edition. In an attempt to understand the complex inner workings of woman and the inspiration she exhales while navigating life’s rough waters, the articles, art, and poetry selected for this issue focus on what is at the core of experience and the impressive aspects associated with overcoming.

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