The Disappearing Project for The Red Room Company

Hi folks,

Very keen to let you know that I’ve received confirmation I’ll have a poem in a new app by The Red Room Company for its Disappearing project

The Disappearing is an innovative new project that (literally) explores poetry and place. The Red Room Company presents The Disappearing, a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that has created a poetic map charting traces, fragmentary histories, impressions and memories.

Beginning with a collection of over 35 poems about Sydney, The Disappearing will stretch across Australia during 2012.

Along with previously unpublished poetry, The Disappearing features exclusive videos of readings and interviews with poets.

Users can upload their own poems to The Disappearing, preserving ideas, emotions and experiences about their own environment that vanish over time.

I’d love to hear if anyone on RB is among the people who will be on The Disappearing Walking Tour Sat 19th May 6:00p.m. and again at 7:00p.m.

It is designed to uncover Sydney’s hidden poetic currents with the guide Johanna Featherstone – as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Celebrated poets Martin Harrison, Astrid Lorange, Nick Bryant-Smith and Lorna Munro, as well as experts from The Historic Houses Trust will meet you along the way to explore poetry and place.

Saturday nineteenth may two thousand and twelve
tour one: six pm
tour two: seven pm

Departing from the sydney dance cafe, pier 4/5 15 hickson road walsh bay

If able to go – you definitely should!

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