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A beautiful body
Act as one
A dream?
A guy with words
Alcohol alchemy
Alert & Alarmed
Anatomy of Breaking Up
Because you’re a girl
Between hope and fallacy
Between the cracks
Breaking or making traditions
Brief tribute to good things which make me happy
Chasing hearts
Creature comfort
Defining the fairytale ending
Diving poem of empowerment
Either way either or
Emotional Bulimia
Emotional light
Ethereal vs earthy
Expansion from the core of our being
Fable of a feline-female transformation
For my Grandma
Good Girl
Grief-stricken by the 23rd Psalm
Here I go again
Hide and seek philosophy
Honeycomb Geometry
How soon is now
How to distinguish love from lust
I am not pretty
Ice cubes
Illusion of self-sufficiency
I love coffee
I love your lips
Inbox is full
I want to believe
Kiss is a four letter word I love
Lost generation video
Maddening PC sameness
Magical rebirth
Missing pieces
More rules of a master
Musical trickery
Musing on The Fates
My ABC of Seduction
My Northern Star
Nebulous Desire
Never to know, never to seek
New World Monkeys
Ode to Fight Club
Old folks’ homes
Panic-Attack girl
Peacock Feathers
People watching
Plague & Pestilence
Poetry is no place for a heart that’s a whore
Reflections on the economics of domesticity
Regrets to rejuvenation
Schoolgirl crush
Settling down
Sincerely Forevermore
Smack of jellyfish
Starts with V . . . ends in odka
Tagged in CORE. Oh. My. At. A. Loss. For. Words
Taking the plunge
Teach me
Tender Desperation
The broken places
The CH one
The delights of dating
The idea of forever
Throw it away
Thursday, the 6th of December 2012
Train wreck
Two Zero One Four
Vortex, a vacuum
Walking at dusk
Warrnambool, 1 November 1997
What girl ever dreamed of prostitution?
What I know
What is the point?
What is the 36th sign of madness?
Within darkness
Wormhole Journey
Women Rise
Wondering about writing The End
W to the power of 3

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Vibration in Art and Verse – VAVoom

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#CombTheSky - a captivating collection

Book review: Comb the sky with satellites it’s still a wilderness / Social Media: #CombTheSky / Publisher: House of Lovers / Author: Cathoel Jorss / CTSWSISAW – nine capital letters to represent such a big, bold collection of poems & photographs. On a personal level, many of my emotional reactions to Cathoel Jorss’ poems paralleled those letters: calm, tender, startled, wear…
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In loving memory of Ivy May Houston (nee Chappell)

My Grandma, born 5/5/1914 – died 10/07/2009, has influenced me in untold and unknowable ways, but I credit my return to creative writing in 2009 in large part to the following: / 1) Grief; / 2) Growth; and / 3) Career dissatisfaction. / Grief / As a child, I was regularly writing in 1986 and 1987 when my grandfathers died. When my father died on 31st of October, 1997, I had just completed m…
Posted over 1 year – Leave a comment

Stereo Stories

Great site / Publishing lovely little stories about music. / Such as my own associations of Paint it black – The Rolling Stones / Or Loser – Beck / And everyone of the stories I have read make me love the songs that much more. / Please share and enjoy peoples :)
Posted over 1 year – 3 comments

Concrete Poetry Now - City Library supporting poetry

Wanted to share word of the CPN opening night and sound poetry soirée: Thursday 20 March, 5.30pm to 7.30pm / Here is a facebook invite too / Where? Gallery and Degraves at City Library – 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne / Dates? Monday 3 March to Friday 28 March, 2014 / Official Launch? Thursday 20 March, 5.30pm to 7.30pm / Why? “A Melbourne-centric exhibition of living Australian concret…
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