A Very good week

A very busy week for me …all over the place and everything happening at once.
In the midst of all these homefront happenings, I discovered a few more lovely surprises on RB.
Thank you to the moderators and the voters in the various forums.

“Eva” was featured in “Art Up Close”
“Outdoor Cafe” was featured in “Handpainted or drawn buildings or architecture”
“Kulaba” was featured in “Melbourne and Victoria”
“Kulaba” also came third in the Impressionist Cafe challenge “Landscape in Spring”
" Woman in the Mirror" came second in a challenge.

Three Features this week!

I can hardly believe what a wonderful week it has been!
Three features!
No1. ..was “Milby Park”.which featured in Landscape Painting, The paintings were chosen by Adgray. Thank you Adgray…I am so pleased that you liked my work.
I am most impressed with Adgray’s choices and how she took the time to write individual comments about each of the works and included her reasons for choosing each one.
No.2….“Jynyce” was featured in “Painted Ladies” …thank you to the moderators. My friend Jynyce will be thrilled to know that she is a feature on RB.
No.3…“Wild Iris” …a watercolour, was featured in “Floral watercolours and Still Lifes with Nature” …Thank you to the moderators.What a week!!!

Two new events

Thank you to moderators from “Impressionism Cafe” for featuring my latest post “Still Life with Cumquats”
Also thanks to those voters in “Painters in modern Times” who voted "Bridge " into the top ten in the latest challenge.

Uluru ..A Feature!

I had only just put my watercolour of Uluru up and it was featured in “Landscape Painting.”
Thank you to the moderators of the Landscape Painting Group!

A Top tenner

Many thanks to the moderators of the Acrylic Painting Group …and to the voters who placed my painting “Bridge” into the top ten in the latest challenge.

Two More Top Tenners This Week!

“Into the Abyss” made it into the top ten in “Art Up Close”……
and “The Rock Pool” made it ito the top ten in “Water Media”
Thanks to all the voters and to the Moderators for organizing the challenges.

Teenagers Featured!

Another very pleasant surprise!
“Teenagers” my pastel of our friend Jack’s young ostriches, has been featured in Contemporary Pastel Painters! Jack will be just as excited as I am!
Thank you to the group moderators!

A Truly Wonderful Week!

What a lovely surpise awaited me when I logged onto Redbubble this morning!
Two features!
“Iris” (a watercolour) was featured in “Just watercolours” and also in “Dimensions”…
A BIG “Thank you !” to the moderators in both groups!