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I am a 30 something wife, and mother of 4, with a degree in English and Culture. I live in the states but I am English born and bred and have seen a little of the world in my lifetime.

We have 1 dog, 5 turtles, 2 toads and a black rat snake – basically, we’re almost up there with the local petting zoo ;)

Always eager to offer a smile – sometimes even a high five!

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Our family keeps expanding!

Since the last post, which happened to be about my daughter, we have had ANOTHER baby! We had a little boy, which makes our total of kids 4 now between us, which is more than plenty! His name is Bronson and he’s the happiest kid on earth and brings us a lot of joy! / And that is where I have been hiding! :)
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And we're back!

We had our new little baby girl back in February! She is GORGEOUS! She takes up a lot of my day though, as you’d expect, so the art and photography has been somewhat on the back burner. She is very much worth it though and she completes our brood!! :)
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Life, Babies and a Spot on the RB Homepage!

So, I must admit, I haven’t posted much on RedBubble in a little while because life has been extremely full of late – long story very short, I’m about to give birth to my daughter, making our family of 4 a family of 5! I’m extremely excited and nervous all in one big ball of WOAH! / I am due on Valentines day, so the chance of her arriving on Feb 14th is actually slim as m…
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WIN $20.00 ZPizza Voucher Giveaway!

I have $20.00 worth of ZPizza vouchers for one lucky winner! / To enter, visit my blog here: / / Good luck!!
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