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100 Features in a year

At the start of this month a wrote a journal titled One Year On it outlined my thoughts and experiences since joining Red Bubble in October last year.
There have been many little milestones in that year but I had failed to reach the one of 100 features in a year. I was close though I had 93.

Now….. Its Still October and since Red bubble only keep track of the month we join I consider getting my 100th feature today as meeting that little goal.

Thankyou to DonDavisUK and the Hosts of DSLR Users Group for my 100th feature with my Image Stairway to Enlightenment

My 100 features including a homepage feature consist of 59 images with quite a few being featured in multiple groups.

They are all displayed proudly on my profile page

Please feel free to check them out and comment and fav :)

Journal Comments

  • Anna D'Accione
  • Keith Irving
  • SPFisher
  • Keith Irving