By birth my name is Jared N. Blauer, but my pseudo name is Graveyard. I was born in 1978 in Modesto, California. I am an artist. I first approached art in 1997. I first started making photographs and then moved onto drawing and painting. I currently make more paintings than photographs. In the near future I hope to have it reversed. I have lived in South Korea from 2004 to 2009 then moved to Indonesia from 2009-2011, and currently live in Fresno CA where I have been since June 2011.

Columbia Junior College 1996-1997
Modesto Junior College Photography 1998-1999
City College of San Francisco Fall 2003
B.F.A. in Photography from San Francisco Art Institute in 1999-2004.
Master of Arts in Education ‘Teacher Leadership’ National University in 2012- 2013

Art Shows

April 2009 group show sold-out for charity Mosaic Cafe Bandung
November 2008 group show photography Mosaic Cafe Bandung South Korea
June 2008 Hansaem Institute single show Photography and Painting Suwon, South Korea
March 2008 group show Photography and painting Mosaic Cafe Bandung South Korea
December 2007 group show Mosaic Cafe Bandung South Korea
December 2006 to September 2007 Park Jung Institute (Paintings and Photographs) Incheon, South Korea
May 2004 Walter Mc Bean Gallery (Photograph) San Francisco, California
December 2003 Spanganga Gallery (Photographs) San Francisco, California
May 2002 San Francisco Art Institute Photo Gallery (Photographs) San Francisco California
October 2001 San Francisco Art Institute Photo Gallery (photographs) San Francisco California
February 2001 Beauty and Wig Gallery (Photographs and Paintings) Modesto, California
December 2000 Beauty and Wig Gallery (photographs and Paintings) Modesto, California
August 2000 Beauty and Wig Gallery (Photographs and Paintings)
Modesto, California

  • Joined: October 2007


The Strangeness of Being Human

The strangeness of being human. / Humans are delicious. / Humans are courageously nutritious / Subtly salted they defeat what was mistaken as blandness. / In our sadness for being human we gladly feel relieved to bleed. / Sugary goodness seeps out of our skin when licked like a lively lollipops. / However, sweet we divine our being we are sadly only human. / The strangeness of being human is that…
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A Dream Past

In my sleep I see the world. It looks so small from my vantage point. I am mighty and you are weak as I am a giant among men in my dreams. When I sleep, I dream big dreams of other lands. In those lands I am the king who rules the land. As the king, I choose what happens as I am the one who makes the rules in this land. In my land, sweet little kittens eat cotton candy while young babies drink ch…
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The Devil Made Me Do It!

Oh how well Jack did and what Jack does he does well. / He shouted the Devil made me do and I did it so well. / Jack all those awful screams I hear near you at night. / Jack screams like a wailing baby the devil made me do it. / The wailing gets so loud it seems as if the night itself will unfold and turn to dust. / The flesh the flesh is what matters Jack says it’s the only thing that matters. …
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Searching for Meaning

The forecast of life is never valid as storms change constantly. / Sunshine one moment gloomy overshadows of the next. / A coarse water flows past narrow river beds. / Wide rifts of ensemble with chaotic chanting arising from silent moments in life. / Passion explodes in the most unexpected of ways before the tumult of consciousness awakens our fears. / Illicit confusion swells in our minds an…
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