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Friday 6.7.07

6.7.07 Friday
Mr Fix It is happy, healthy and full of bounce again today.

When I arrived, he was busy sleeping. Inna and I were talking too loud- he was sleeping y’know! Soon, I had him listening to Mr Messy, keeping in mind he WAS trying to sleep-so not too loud please! –he reminded me!

Bubbles for brekky again. He loves hearing them snap crackling.

It was a quite day, in many ways. Inna and I had decided who was doing what before Mr Fix It got up. She is on a mission (from God) to clean up the bedroom (inside) cupboards. So she can tell you where things are: this is her domain. I have the kitchen. I showed her how to use the dishwasher-just one button should be ok!

I had a go at putting some toys away, while playing with Mr Fix It was, of course, a focus. We ran around the house play catch, he dressed up as Spiderman (3!) and made those engineering toys spin. They were a ‘wadder’ that crashed, of course, being loose pieces, when picked up.

A good walk was in order. It had been planned we visit Callum today, my friend’s new baby, but I couldn’t get in touch, so all that energy needed to be put to good use. We ran, ran, ran down the hill. Checked out builders’ business. They were friendly guys, saying “Are you Bob the Builder? Are you a builder?” No! Mr Fix It was not any of those things today. He was (his own name!). Later, he conceded he was also ‘little’. But in no mood to be told he was someone else!

That’s been a big feature today: Big, little, medium. A little bit, a BIG bit. Not a small boy, not a man, J! He watched me put the blocks away, in different colour and size category. He can differentiate between pink and purple today (after a reminder) and knows orange, green, blue, red and yellow. Doing very well in the colours dept.

During our walk, we played catch. He loves me coming to catch him… he runs a little bit and says ‘you can’t catch me’ and waits in anticipation! Very funny.

When he’d had enough, he knew the way home. We did a round the block trip, up the stairs. Jumping, running, hoppity hopping. Lunch was pasta, broccoli trees and pancakes. A glass of water was downed successfully. Bath was too hot at first, meanwhile teeth were brushed, and then he loved it. Loved just sitting-but I know that means it’s bedtime-getting sleepy.

We read Mr Clumsy today. He loves looking at the back and getting to know all the different characters. Remembers Mr Noisy going to the bakers and the ‘clomp clomp clomp’ noise. All good for sleeping by 12.30 and he continues to sleep soundly now.

BTW Jaffe? Yaffe? came to visit and said to say hello.

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