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Altona Refinery flared up on Sunday night.. what a great opportunity to grab the camera and (from a safe distance) get some shots.. sent them through to our local paper and the next day they appeared online.. article here: /
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..been a while

Hi Everyone.. / It’s probably been a good 3 months since I’ve contributed ANYTHING to Red Bubble.. my working situation changed so it’s meant far less time to do anything artistic during the day, and it’s only now.. sadly that when I get a sick day, I’m able to dedicate time to it. / I’m hoping this will change of course.. I’ve missed RB.. not to mention …
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Sold a Large CANVAS print..

It truly warms my heart to know that someone enjoys this work enough to hang it on their wall. This is my greatest moment as a Red Bubbler.. thankyou mystery buyer.. / Hope it looks good on your wall..
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Half of Shirt Proceeds to World Vision.. Buy Now.

Sold 3 shirts overnight..This is a record for me.. all of my latest design: / facismo – burma / Thank-you for your support.. I had been in a drought and this has re-kindled my spirits.. / Half of the proceeds will go to "World Visions Burma relief fund.. ":
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