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A lot of work!

So it’s been nearly two years since I finished the ‘Tarot major arcana’… nearly two years?!!! That can’t be right! (goes to check) Yep, that’s right :-o / I’ve now decided, fool that I am, to do an entire deck… that’s 78 cards! / Already done the major arcana (obviously), got the suit of swords finished too, just leaves another 42 to do……
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Chirpy chirpy tweet tweet :-P

Oh Twitter, I can resist your magnetic charms no longer… @fiendonastick
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Something new! But not on here ;-)

Decided to dig out and dust off an idea… / Going to try my hand at a webcomic!!! shock, horror, consternation, uproar / So far I’ve started a blog (wasn’t sure where to begin) and put a few of the sketches up… and one colour pic… / Check out http://sidneysatanist.blogspot.co.uk/ to see my oh so slow progress! / I’ll eventually get a proper strip on there (I hav…
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Classic console games...

Specifically the Megadrive :-P / I had one of those, I was never a fan of Nintendo (still aren’t) as I found the Sega stuff to be superior in graphics and liked the style of the Megadrive over the grey boxyness of the SNES… I also prefer Macs to PCs, bet you’d never have guessed ;-) / So my tribute to the most enjoyable of all Sega’s creations, Sonic, is to mash it with th…
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