I started taking photographs in the early 1970’s with a 35 mm camera and soon progressed to SLR Pentax Cameras.

I mainly like to take aviation and motorsport photographs but have been know to do weddings if pushed.

I used to own 3 Olympus E-1 cameras and associated lenses and then purchased a Canon 400D. Now in 2011 I have graduated to a Canon 7D and 20mm f/2.8 lens with which I am still experimenting.

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The Next Steps

Its over a year since I joined Red Bubble but a lot what of water has passed under my bridge since then. / I have now retired from full time employment after 43 years in the aviation business and I now find myself with lots of time on my hands, so I have sold the Canon 400D and 1 Olympus E1 and bought a Canon EOS 70D to which I have married a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens and a Canon Extende…
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Loading the new site

Trying to decide what to put on here is harder than actaully loading. / Thanks to Nick Barker for the recommend and to all those that have left comments so far. / All I need now is for the orders to flood in / DH
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