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I’m retired, & live in the UK, After surviving Cancer, then a stroke, was told to slow down a bit, and have taken up photography as a Hobby, which I really enjoy

All we had in 1935 was Box brownies
The majority of my photography is done using a bridge camera, the ‘Fuji -S1…………. I hope this does not devalue my work; I try my best with the equipment I have.

I’m married to Sally who accompanys me on picture finding hikes..we have a dear litle rescue cat which we’ve named SUKI, she’s so loving, we found her thrown away along with her sibblings, who had died, she was almost on the verge of death, but with TLC she’s now our family.

I love Nature & Wildlife, & when my treatment allows travel, which is mostly France.

All my work is Copywrite
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To my Friends

A Hug Certificate for You! / This poem is very sweet. Forward this on and back. Thanks! / If I could catch a rainbow / I would do it just for you / And share with you its beauty / On the days you’re feeling blue. / If I could build a mountain / You could call your very own; / A place to find serenity, / A place to be alone. / If I could take your troubles / I would toss them in the sea, / B…
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Still not finished

Hello again my good friends, I’ve tried everything and cannot get below where it states that there are more comments. / I sitting here screaming at the PC, Sally and SUKI both have their Hands/paws over their ears, cause I want to say thank you for all your kind comments.and am unable to. / Malcolm
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My Dear friends, / I am overwhelmed by your kind comments asking me to stay, I will stay on because we’ve all known each other for a very long time, and some of you I e/mail on a regular basis, A lot of you I’ve know since WEB Shot days, and the kindness I received from you all when I was in Hospital having bits removed with Cancer, / I do submit images to another site, but you my …
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Faults again

I’m having problems answering everyone’s comments to my images, I can only go down so far and I’m stopped from going any further, / Is it my PC at fault folks or is this happening to anyone else? / A few weeks ago I was experiencing problems and was pleased that it was not just ME. / Also it seem that a lot of hosts are closing the groups they run, so our subjects are limited, …
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