Happy Christmas to you all

Hello my Very Dear Friends,

Just to say that i’m going off line untill after Christmas.
After what I’ve gone through these last few weeks, Both Sally & I need a break,

I also have to prepare for this forthcoming operation on my thyroid Gland.

So On behalf of Sally & myself, I cannot thank you all enough for the great support we have recieved from all of you, RB is more then just a photographic site it’s a real friendship site.

Love you all & have a great time.

Malcolm & Sally.

Thank you

To all my Friends,

I thought it about time I started getting myself together, so here I am, I apologize for the large font but my eye is still blurred, Sally drove me out this morning for some fresh air, & I tried taking some pics, but I had to use the l.c.d. Screen instead of the view finder, even then I think their out of focus, but we’ll see.

I would like to thank you all for your kind enquires and for keeping in touch via Sally.

Perhaps what happened to me a blessing in disguise as they discovered a growth on the thyroid gland, which their going to remove, so perhaps some good has come out of

It after all.

So my Dear friends thank you all very much.

Regards to you all.


That Woman again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dear Dear Friends,

I must admit i have been brought to tears by the affection & suport you have all shown Malcolm,
I had no Idea he was so much thought of by people he’d never met.
I feel that you are all one big family.
He has said that RB is a great site with lots of great people. but you are all such wonderful people.

My Love to you all.

He’s got a long way to go I think, “SUKI” our little rescue cat will not leave him for a minuite, so i’ve let her stay by his side on the bed, I can tell you there is not a lot of room with three in a bed!!!

MY Sincerere love & Thanks to you all,
I’d love to give all of you a hug.

Sally xxx


My Dear Friends,
Just to let you know their going to send Malcolm home, he is so depressed that they think he’ll be better off here in his own surrondings.

He’s not getting any sleep because of some very tiresome patients who are forever shouting out for the nurses & when told to be quite their abusive, & there are some who are moaning throughout the night, and forever asking for pain killers, so that doesent help either.
he has several consultants to see (ie) his Eyes, Stroke, & his vascular surgerons.

I;d like to thank each & every one of you for being so kind & surportive durning this time, his Dr did say that he is not out of the woods by anymeans , but at least he’s with me & his GP is very good.

Love to you all.




I’m sorry i’m in such a state, I do not know what i’m doing.

He was down for 8hrs instead of the normal 4hrs for this type of operation they said afterwards they thought they’d lost him, I was going potty.
Without Malcolm there is no life, he is so nice,

He’s been cut from behind the ear to the shoulder , he’s got a drain in & the grunge looks pretty yuk to me!!!/

he’s unable to talk because he’s so swollen.

Again I thank you all from the bottom of my Heart, everyone is so kind.

Love to you all,


hello Dear Friends,

This will be my last posting for a while as Malcolm is having his operation tomorrow Morning early, it takes ( so i’ve been told) around 4 hrs, so i shall be over at the Hospital for at least a couple of days.

You have all been so very kind both to Malcolm & to me.
I’m hoping the next posting will be from him.
Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart.



Hello Dear friends,

I do hope i’m not being tiresome with all this news about Malcolm,
He is not very well & they are doing another operation on Monday of next week,
They called me out at 2am tuesday morning saying I should come over right away,
he got over that scare, & is now under sedation to keep him quite,
I asked why they didn’t do the operation now, but they think it may be to much of a strain on him.

Thank you all very much indeed for all your KIindness.

Sally xx


Dear Friends,
I must say I’m overwhelmed at the kindness & thought you have all sent to me.

Malcolm has some sight back, & tomorrow their putting in a by pass in his neck to ease the flow of blood to his brain & eyes.
He was due to have an operation on his spine 0n the 3rd, but it’s been put off for now as they think the stress will bring on another Stroke.

He just wants to get home & start getting pictures, he has also asked if i’ll take some off his chip, sort them out & put one or two up, BUT I haven’t a clue, so I have said he’ll have to do it when he comes home.

He has asked me to say how much he thinks of you all, & by the response I’ve had I can understand why.

Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart.



Hello Malcolm’s Friends,

I’m Sally his wife. & he asked me to let you know he’ll be off line for a few days, he succemly lost his sight for a while, & he was found he suffered a slight stroke,

Their going to put a bypass in the arterery in his neck, there is a narowing & it had a blockage, it’s an operation that is done under a local,

he just will not slow down, despite having Cancer all he does is getting me to take him out all the time to take photos.

So Thank you all of you for being his Friends, now doubt he’ll (with luck) be on here very soon,

Regards to you all Sally

Passion Flower

OH MY I’m feeling embarrased now, for yet another feature,

Can I again, thank you one and all now, to save my fingers making me look as if I cannot spell.

Thank you very much.


Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
OH that is for the Ladies, OH and you guys too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Another one !!!!!!!

Can I again thank you all very much indeed for YET another feauure, this time my Emerald Starling,
Everyone is so kind, as the ole fingers are so stiff, can I thank you all in one go,

Love you all.



To all my Dear friends here on RB, OH & my two little cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall be away for a week (hopefully) as from tomorow Monday,

So take care & keep snapping those pics.

Hugs to you all,



OM MY Gosh.

I have been Featured again, I’d like to thank everyone concerned for their wonderful support on backing my old Tree.

Bless you all.


All things Pubs.

I’d like to say Thank you to everyone concerned for making my PUB a feature,

That means now I have to keep my promise & buy you all a round!!!!!
it’s in Padstow Cornwall,
OH that doesen’t include the Crab Lunch though!!!!!


Copyright Infringement!!

Can I ask YOU my fellow Bubblers, if you have fallen into the same trap as I have??

I have infringed!! (it seems) the copyright regulations quite innocently, by adding the correct details to each object I put up. I get the information from different web sites to make sure all details are correct.
One of my Pics ( I cannot find the one the’ve mentioned) I put ONE verse from a Poem (AUTHOR UNKNOWN). This also was classed as an infringment.
I was under the impression that details obtained from the internet were for everyone to be able to research information.

Regards Malcolm


Can I please use my old stiff fingers as an excuse for writing to you all collectivly???? thank you each & everyone for your congratulations on my Feature,
But it’s the lovely animal that derserves the credit.

Thank you all.

WOOF WOOF WOOF.thats Cannine for Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad spelling????????????????

I must apologise to the person who picked up on my spelling, I do have an excuse, not only have I got cancer, but I have ARTHRITIS in my fingers, so not only can I not play my keyboard anymore, typing is becoming quite difficult.

I can spell But I should check before I send I suppose.



TO all my friends on RED Bubble (and there are to many to mention) I shall be away to the south of France as from tonight for a month.

Take care all of you.


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