Buyers' Booth 45 - Sticker Special

June 11nd Champions

You’ve gone sticker crazy. I’ve had to award all of you.

Is this legal?

Nicely done Soxy Fleming, 365Notepads, RevolutionGFX, strawberries, Michele Markley and georgiegirl.

I will send you all some monies.

Make sure you post your photos to the Buyers’ Booth, because I might give you a fancy financial prize.

If you’d like to see me covered in only stickers, please send credit card details to the usual address.


Mr Baxter – Superintendent of Spotting Good Pictorial Efforts*

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  • Michele Markley
    Michele Markleyover 4 years ago

    Awesome! Thank you Mr. Baxter, you and your red shorts are magnificent!

  • 365 Notepads -  School of Faces
    365 Notepads -...over 4 years ago

    Thanks Mr. Baxter. Your red shorts have saved the day.

  • Michael Alesich
    Michael Alesichover 4 years ago

    I couldn’t find a credit card but I did find this:

  • Sandy Sutton
    Sandy Suttonover 4 years ago

    Nice one michael they’re not going to go far, got more?

  • georgiegirl
    georgiegirlover 4 years ago

    Thank you Mr Baxter :D Love the red shorts stickers… might need a few more than 5 to cover all of Mr B otherwise he’d have to be NSFW everywhere he goes!

  • Tiffany Atkin
    Tiffany Atkinover 4 years ago

    haha some very creative stickering going on around here ! i must join in the fun!

  • rosettajallow1
    rosettajallow1over 4 years ago

    Great! I can’t wait for the stickers I’ve ordered to come now. I’ll have to think of creative places to stick them now.

  • strawberries
    strawberriesover 4 years ago

    thanks so much Mr Baxter =) and love what the rest of you have been doing =)

  • EvaAn68
    EvaAn68over 4 years ago

    LOL! LOL! The “stuff” that goes on in peoples minds… LOL!

  • R-evolution GFX
    R-evolution GFXover 4 years ago

    Cheers! Now I have to buy more stickers :D