Mr Baxter's Best. 2009. The Group.

Part 4: The Group

It’s the end of the year, we’re too tired for real editorial, so we’re taking notes from all other media and working on Best Of’s instead. We’ve covered Tees, Comments, and Photos.

Next up, Groups. Aren’t they great? Lots of friends in one place, talking about something specifically of interest to you. Like Alpacas. I love alpacas. So I joined this most excellent group, All About Alpacas. I don’t get to take part much because you keep selling stuff so I have to keep writing emails. In fact I have not met many alpacas because the wife is allergic to their teeth, but I am looking forward to them having a group alpaca tee challenge. I’ll be right in there.

So what’s your favourite group eh? Where do you feel right at home with a bunch of bubblers with similar tastes?


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