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Buyers' Booth - Catch of the Week


Now we have encountered quite a few classic catches over the years – like when the missus caught a giant carp with her bare hands, or the time I was sitting out in the backyard and caught a falling star (disclaimer: this may or may not have actually happened); however, nothing has quite impressed us so much as this truly amazing catch by emmah26.

A flying phone case? This may prove problematic if it decides to take off if the middle of an important phone call!


Congratulations Emmah, you are this week’s Buyers’ Booth Champ! To celebrate your catching prowess, the likes of which we have not seen since the golden cricket days of Rod Marsh, I’ll be sending you a tasty voucher.

Make sure you post your photos to the Buyers’ Booth, because I might give you a fancy financial prize.


Buyers' Booth - What Will the Neighbour's Think?

This week’s winning image of Spring Glasses by Aleksandra Kabakova brought back recent memories of finding my misplaced glasses out in the garden.

Mrs. B is quite the hoer and likes to keep her garden nice and tidy. Determined to scare the feathered foes away from her cabbages, Mrs B constructed a handsome scarecrow out of a fruit tree, my favorite jacket, and my glasses. She even drew a lipstick mouth onto the bark, at which point I became concerned that the neighbours would suspect she, as a tree hugger, had made second base.

Make sure you post your photos to the Buyers’ Booth, because I might give you a fancy financial prize.


Mr Baxter – “ ‘Superintendent of Spotting Good Pictorial Efforts and Voucher Procurer’

Buyers' Booth - Blue Knees and Sand

The weather is starting to get colder here, which means that my knees are going an attractive kind of bluish-purple in preparation for winter. They’re my weather knees, you see. They always let me know when changes are coming.…

So does Mrs B. She’s starting to bang on about going somewhere warm. Somewhere with a beach. Sweet Uncle Gin Pants! Doesn’t she know that beaches have sand? And … sun!
The woman is totally bonkers. Humph. A beach, really.

The closest I’ll be getting to a beach is looking at these rather nice cards by Karin Taylor. That poor little girl riding the dolphin seems oblivious to the fact that at any moment that dolphin is going to go deep and she’ll be having a very close inspection of the sand below.

Congratulations Anaa. We’ll be sending you a fancy voucher for your pic

Buyers' Booth - Disco Balls

This image of Theracords wearing Jimiyo’s This is my Boomstick T-shirt took me right back to my youth, where as a young lad, I often went to the local club in my turquoise flairs to strut my stuff and eye up the ladies. In fact, it is where I met my dear Missus. I saw off in the corner a shining beacon of beauty, and when she happened to trip over her platform shoes, I saw Mrs. Baxter-to-be standing right behind her. Ah, those were the good days.

This strapping young man is living the life for sure and is also my pick for this week’s Buyers’ Booth winner.

Make sure you post your photos to the Buyers’ Booth, because I might give you a fancy financial prize.


Mr Baxter – “ ‘Superintendent of Spotting Good Pictorial Efforts and Voucher Procurer’

Buyers' Booth - Whiskers

As one part of the world suffers from inept weather-forecasting groundhogs, the Missus and I avoided all creatures with nasty, wood-stained, oversized teeth and instead shared a lovely day outside on the garden bench watching the birds fly overhead (at least I think those were birds, gin knows they could’ve been Degus having a polevaulting contest or perhaps those tiny rapturous angels I’ve been waiting for with poor results since last December).…

I knew when I came across Annie Arden’s Watch the Birdie post in the Buyers’ Booth that it was meant to be this week’s winner. Mostly because the whiskers on Ms. Arden’s cat couldn’t help but make me think back fondly on my day with Mrs. Baxter, even though her whiskers are a tad longer.

Make sure you post your photos to the Buyers’ Booth, becau

Buyers' Booth - Punk Rock Little Bit

They say you can’t swing a cat by the tail around here without hitting some knob filming it. Erm….I mean, wherever a kitty can be found, chances are there will also be a bored pet owner pointing a video camera at it. Or slapping a picture of it on a mug. I have nothing against Mr. Whiskers and his fan club, but I will state for the Queen’s record, that I do much appreciate it when you artistic types (nutters) come up with renderings that manage to surprise even me. Not much surprises me these days….you tell me the alien zombie apocalypse is coming in 2013 after all, and I’ll probably just nod sagely and offer you a biscuit.

So, well done Miss Cherry Martini, for daring to make little girls cry by putting a dead skeleton kitty on a kids’ tee, yet doing so in such a delightful and whimsica

Buyers' Booth - Degu Minions

It’s been brought to my attention that not only do I have to learn to tweet like a little bluebird, but apparently Redbubble has a face page, or a book about their face or some such ridiculousness. Whatever it’s called, the face page now has more than 100 thousand fans of it.…

It seems that is a large enough number to send everyone into a frenzy of robot-making. If you want to be one of those frenzied robotmakers you’ll need to be friends with the face page (or “Like” it or summat which sounds a bit pervy) and then you can have a robot minion of your own. The face page is here.

I’m not sure this chap needs a robot minion. He has rodents to do his bidding. It took me a while to work out what these twitchy nosed creatures are, but according to the great sage Wikipedia they are what is know

Buyers' Booth - Food Fight

As last Thursday was Valentine’s Day, the missus made us her special, indigestible Valentine’s Day lasagna which I quickly stuffed into my overcoat pockets which made a right mess of our theatre tickets. I’d tried hiding a bit in the nearby ficus tree but as soon as it got a whiff, all its leaves fell off. I suppose it’s nothing a shot of gin can’t mend.

Now this young man (and this week’s winner), has the right idea about what to do with those concoctions that are less than edible and his aim seems to be improving. Either he’s a lad who loves to pretend to shoot things or he’s a particularly precocious secret double agent. I wasn’t able to decipher all of his codes but did see that he’d managed to get in a few hits to an AC, which can only be an Armadillo Creature and also a couple to a

Buyers' Booth - S.O.S.

I can’t quite suss out what retirees on a boat and Audrey Hepburn have to do with each other – unless it’s something to do with the glamourous life only being achievable by people either too old or too rich to really appreciate it. But whatever is on the other end of that hook – it grabbed me, right by the dentures. Because I’m no spring chicken myself. Got a few miles on me, am long in the tooth, and have a hairy, er I mean hoary wife as well.

So well done, Tom Roderick and person posing with Tom’s excellent Audrey iPhone case.

It’s the perfect jaunty accessory for a retiree yacht party – which I hope to be just as soon as I win that bloody elusive “Employee of the Month” award. Please swing by in your yacht and pick me up, I’ll be waving my red pants like they’re a pennant and you’re

Buyers' Booth - The Guru of Glob

I’€™m told there’s a certain amount of excitement about the New Year’€™s Inspiration Challenge that is being run at the moment. Really? Such a fuss about a few words on a page. I’ve got some inspiring words for you: “€œIf you don’€™t want to get your y-fronts in a knot, don’€™t wear them€.” My wisdom knows no bounds, accept it. You want more? “Meerkats do not make good satchel pets.” Slap that on a poster, chaps!

Moving on to the Buyers’ Booth, I’m very slightly miffed that I don’t have one of these dandelion iPhone cases by Alexandra Kabakova. Alexandra should be very excited that we also sent her a snail. Thanks for sharing his pic with us, Alexandra. We named him Glob.

Even more exciting than Glob is the news that we’ll be sending you a fancy voucher for your efforts.

I’€™ll be goin

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