O How I Yearn

I yearn for clarity and direction, I gasp for knowledge and truth as though it was the air my lungs have been deprived of for 25 years, as I search for sense in this whirlwind of a world. My longing hands reach for a lifeboat to stop me from drowning in this sea of misinformation and lies. Under siege from a bombardment of media and advertisement all informing me of what I need and telling me what I want, hollow messages of supposed truth and blatant lies.

Buy, sell, consume, expend, expand, upgrade, degrade, download, reload, remodel, makeover, watch that, don’t miss this, listen to her and never mind the rest. Conform or perish. While others starve, we must upgrade our meals, while children toil and die in coal mines; human waste and land fill for less than a dollar a day we complain about 8 hour work days. While others sleep outside cold and alone we are told to invest in the latest technologically advanced and scientifically proven sleep ware accessories. We spend on shoes what could feed half a dozen families each year.

How blind and ignorant have we become, how lifeless and lost have our souls become, how empty and trivial our thoughts. Then we wonder where our anxiety comes from, why the sleepless nights? And the constant yearning for something else? Obviously because we don’t own the latest portable music playing device it couldn’t be anything else that we yearn for? Unless of course your thinking of that dream car you’ve always wanted, maybe the latest album from ‘Shit in your ear’ is what you need to pick you up. Perhaps a new jacket for winter but not any old jacket it has to have that corporate logo stitched on by some poor woman in a sweat-shop being over-worked and barely paid who will never in her lifetime be able to afford what she makes. Maybe you need a trendy you watch to ensure you make it to your next pedicure, manicure, massage, colour tint or so you never again miss that “unmissable” episode of that new show Kill My Brain!

Could it be that what we yearn for is something other than that which Big Brother is telling us. Could it be that the pain we feel, the sorrow we live with, the anxiety we take pills for and the depression we spend thousands of dollars to discuss with a qualified therapist is rooted in something other than the presumptions we are feed by mass media and our corporate rulers.

Could the pain we feel be the universes disgust in the way we treat each other? Its disappointment at what we have let ourselves become? Could the yearning we feel, be our souls trying to tell us that we have a higher purpose to serve other than our physical wellbeing? Could it be spiritual neglect which we are suffering from?
Could it be that what we truly need does not need to be produced or mined or manufactured. That it can’t be sold or bought and it can’t be advertised or promoted by a celebrity. Is it possible that what we need is not made by an enormous corporate body that uses cheap labor in impoverished nations with resources mined from another destitute part of the world and sold to us packed and labeled and promoted, all whilst maintaining profitability and shareholder confidence. Can it be something that no company can claim to make the best of in their ‘pursuit of perfection’?

Is there a chance that what the world aches for has no place in economics, consumerism and capitalism? and has no relevance in stocks, returns, yields and profitability? My God wouldn’t that shake shareholder confidence to its barren soulless core.

How would corporate executives fund their multi-million dollar homes, yachts’ and cars? How could they buy their holiday homes or spend stupendous amounts on their wives liposuction, collagen and breast enhancements. I suppose those thousand dollar cigars and $20,000 suits would be out of the question too?
Perhaps the recession that we should be truly worried about is the spiritual recession, the recession of morality and conscience, the recession of love and dedication to the well-being of others. Maybe the great depression is the depression our souls must endure while we continue to neglect them and neglect our fellow brothers and sisters.

Are we just rats, stuck in this race with no purpose or reason for being other than to keep the wheel spinning? Or has the human spirit, the human mind and intellect, the hearts and souls of men and women alike have a higher purpose to achieve?

How many more generations must we lose to this soul-shredder of a society which we have allowed to be created around us. How many more resource based wars must we be fooled into supporting, how many millions more children must die of starvation and disease with no hope of salvation or escape from the cycle of desperation in which they have been born into? How many more warning signs must we pass on this path of destruction, degradation and doom before we see the error of our ways?

O How I Yearn


Brisbane, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

These are the reflections on the life of a tortured soul. The questions which keep us awake. A commentary on the obvious truths which we neglect to investigate and the barrage of bullshit which we are forced to believe. Read at own risk : )

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