Paula MacGregor

Paula MacGregor

Colchester,, United Kingdom

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Hi, my name is Paula, I live on an old farm, in a tiny hamlet just outside Colchester. I am surrounded by water, trees and meadows – I love nature and certainly live in a place where nature is ‘at home’

I am not sure how to classify myself as an artist, I guess I wear two hats…

As a ceramic artist I create serene installation pieces from wafer thin sheets of porcelain, that look like torn pieces of paper.

As a book artist I create installations with found objects that are reminiscent of ‘Curiosity Cabinets’.

The two types of work are opposite in as much as the ceramic work is pure, serene and uncluttered – whereas the assemblages are packed with many bottles, books and boxes.

I was confused about these two different art forms until I realised the thing that really drives me: LAYERS – all my work is about layers! Simple when you think about it!

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