my most favorited

after a bubbling week-end with 14 features (thanks to all the kind hosts), i am rearranging my work on the profile according to the number of views it received and this right down to 100 views minimum.

i have to do this, as i am a scientist too, slightly obsessed with statistics and the effect one gets from looking at something in a prearranged way. of course, being a scientist, i will have to rearrange them soon according to the number of favs they got and then, compare the two.

so the analysis for now: the stunner of the top ten is the quiet ‘meeting in the classroom’ on 4th position. it never got many favs or comments nor any feature at all but i guess the thumbnail must look intriguing and inviting enough to click on it.

the even more quiet ‘transporting firewood. fe…

thanks my friends - i am overwhelmed

i am overwhelmed by the response my latest series of uploads got.
i actually started to scan some of my old work, the one i took on my first 5 months journey to india in 1992.
at that time, i was mainly visiting tibetan exile communities, studying tibetan language and buddhist philosophy.
so within 19 hours, my pictures received 7 features!!!!
i went crazy. when i did an exhibition with these images, the response was not really great and the lack of recognition was maybe what made me give up on photography (until i discovered red bubble).

anyway, my partner already got a better (second-hand professional) scanner which can manage 2700 dpi. it just has to be connected to the system (which means the computer must be updated and capacity enlarged too.) so the image quality will soon be a lot bet…

the seers

an old photographer friend once said to me, in ancient times, those who are now film-makers were story-tellers. she asked me what in my opinion today’s photographers were.


i said.

look at my portrait gallery of red bubble photographers/artists and tell me if i am right.

priceless fun

for two days, my daughter has been away in summercamp, enjoying the company of children, watersports and adults who don’t mind the mess in the kids’ bedrooms, what clothes they wear, if they brushed their teeth or took their vitamins…..etc.

it was an occasion to look through some of the pictures, that were taken with her camera and i found a jewel. it was taken at the last year’s summer holiday camp.

see what i mean? the man in the yellow t-shirt is cora’s godfather, the ‘chief’ of the holiday camp and the founder of a marvellous institution, the ‘tüftellabor’, which is impossible to translate into english but best discribed as a laboratory for kids with a certain giro gearloose attitude.

thanks ever so much to the unknown artist.

abolish the week

my beautiful and bright daughter came up with a super-duper idea today. she found it totally unfair that the week does not have 10 days, and proposes having it changed. then she would be able to cram more activities into one week. she needs one day each for…
… swimming training
indoor climbing
horse riding twice a week
dancing lessons
clowning and theater class
music lessons
girl scouts
and of course seeing friends…
…and then 2 days week-end to do cool things like hiking, boating, wave-boarding, borrowing the neighbors’ dog for an adventure in the forest and of course, seeing friends…

well no problem kiddo, the parents will certainly need the 8 days to earn the necessary cash to finance all these activities but you would have to go to school 8 days in a row t


i have been tagged by core quite some time ago. until now i felt shy about standing in the spotlight but with the new old work uploaded, i think it might explain something about me, for those who are interested to know.

here is the link

prophetic dream

in last night’s dream i possessed a new digital camera. i held an old manual 50mm lens in my hands and wondered if i could work with it on the digital camera.

in previous times long gone, the loss of my camera in a dream always indicated loss or blockage of an important part of my identity.

so i guess you bubble guys and gals are inspiring me to an identity gain again….


This is exciting. Serendipity. Like my pictures. A lucky find, a move and a click at the right time, flowing, flying, dancing along with the dancers and seducing them to show their inner self through the camera.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait