thanks my friends - i am overwhelmed

i am overwhelmed by the response my latest series of uploads got.
i actually started to scan some of my old work, the one i took on my first 5 months journey to india in 1992.
at that time, i was mainly visiting tibetan exile communities, studying tibetan language and buddhist philosophy.
so within 19 hours, my pictures received 7 features!!!!
i went crazy. when i did an exhibition with these images, the response was not really great and the lack of recognition was maybe what made me give up on photography (until i discovered red bubble).

anyway, my partner already got a better (second-hand professional) scanner which can manage 2700 dpi. it just has to be connected to the system (which means the computer must be updated and capacity enlarged too.) so the image quality will soon be a lot better and i will replace the posted images for new ones.

in future, this series will grow and additional explanatory texts will be added.

i want to thank all the hosts who featured the pictures and those who gave the first lot of encouraging comments and favs.

a special thank you goes to those who recognized the potential from the very first picture i posted and kept encouraging me until i stood on my own wobbly legs.

Andrew Makowiecki
Carol Brandt
& many other faithful and dear commentary givers.

Thanks my friends.
And thank your so much for supporting me to my partner christian. big big hug

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