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I’m a German artist and now welcome in the Micepard’s World!

Once upon a time, there was a small, inconspicuous gray mouse. Gray and inconspicuous is nothing the mouse liked at all. No, she wanted to be as brave and beautiful as a leopard, because her own life was not quite simple and she had to cope with many difficulties.This, however, could only be done with strength. And so mouse and leopard made a covenant with each other and … this become „Mouse-pard“
You think, this is completely impossible?

Well, now you stand right before them – the clean proof, that their story has really come true.

I have two accounts on redbubble.
Here are my works without micepard

Thank you very much for featuring, lovely comments and favs, the micepard are very happy!!!!!

Please, have a look at my work to the micepard’s world

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Our redbubble dream

The micepard have a dream LOL / have a smile with us! :) / The funny micepard’s world / :))))
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Have a look :)

Please, have a look at my work to the micepard’s world. Here come some fotos to become my new picture. I also had a lot of working with the shadow, light and contrast, who can not see :). My Micepard are digitally painted and on a picture, you also can see a few small things from the picture. / And sorry for the bad translation, my english is not very good : ( / I hope the pictures are larg…
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