Days of Summer

My gosh I can not believe how long it has been since I have posted anything on the bubble! Sorry friends it really has been a long summer…and if time could move any faster…
The sad news the world lost one of the brighter people in it this summer. No there wasn’t any big TV glamor shows. He was not seen 24/7 on any of the big TV networks. And I really doubt his face even flashed up on the front page of yahoo or any other internet sight for that matter. So no I am not talking about Michael Jackson. I am talking about someone bigger than that. More important and an all around great guy. I am talking about my wifes dad. Harold left us this summer and had he stuck around a couple more he would have made it to 90. As I have only been with his daughter a few years I never got to know him as well as I would have liked too. But I will tell you it would be a hard thing to find a man who loved to live life as much as Harold.
He loved his family and he loved to travel. He always had this twinkle in his eye when he talked about places he’d been or places he was going. He had that same twinkle when Shelly told him we were getting married. He was all excited about giving his daughter away.
So another summer moves on into the fall. Work continues its hectic pace. But hey… at least today I have a job. And once again I return home to check in with my Red Bubble family (I seem to remember the days when I had to check in with my Mom!) I hope all of you are having a great summer and I will try to check out your latest posts as time allows. And heck, maybe I will even post a thing or two! And here’s the real punchline…I am ending my august with strep throat!