Artist Interview Katie Lancaster

With the redbubble going from strength to strength, and managing not to loose contact with it’s ethos of being a community where we can all showcase our work to a global audience. But the one disadvantage that brings is that success brings larger numbers to the site and with thousands of members it’s getting increasingly difficult to get seen.
The groups are a great idea getting like minded people to help develop the talent we have.

I sent a bubblemail to all members of the petshop CS2 group asking for you to nominate someone for an interview and I got a grand total of? Wait for it? A bit longer, Drum roll!
3 replies. I thought I’d get back at least 10. But oh well never mind.

The winner was in the end my choice as the other 2 were not even members in the group.
(Very good artists) but this is for the petshop CS2 group.

Anyway here goes this weeks Victim is one of the talented few who uses all medium from pencil to lens. With an amazing eye for detail and pushing the boundaries to produce some amazing angles that leaves you wondering “how did they do that?

Katie Lancaster is a real asset to the group and if you have not come across her work. You should really take a tour and get thinking outside the box.

1. As one of the talented few who use both photography and other mediums.
What gives you more joy? Painting sketching or setting up for a photograph?
The creative process itself brings me joy regardless of medium.

2. What came first the pencil or the camera?
Definitely the pencil, in fact the earliest memory I have is of painting on a tiny A-board in a playgroup with the sun shining down through the skylight onto thick daubs of yellow poster paint. I would have been about 3 years old. I have always found a channel for my creative side through a whole range of mixed media. The camera and photography came later, handling my first SLR and the mysteries of a darkroom when I was 17 years old. My love of photography was born afresh with the digital explosion; I was simply amazed to witness images on my computer only an instant after taking them. Wowed further by an elaborate underwater housing case that I purchased for my IXUS which proved to be an invaluable accessory for creative photography in warmer parts of the world. And then one day somebody lent me their digital SLR, a Canon EOS 10D – it took my breath away.

3. Animals play a big part in your work. Why?
I love animals, dogs passionately so. They are fascinating subjects and great fun to stalk with a camera. My 10 month old Pug, Caviar, is a particularly animated character and at the same time a geometric wonder of perfect squares, circles and triangles depending on the angle of view and often I’m laughing out loud behind the camera whilst I’m photographing him. As Barb Leopold says “When photographing animals, I always try for eye contact as it makes a direct connection to the viewer of the photo” and this is certainly my objective too, though if only asking a dog to stare into the lens of a camera saying “cheese” (or ‘Ouistiti’ here in France) was as easy as asking a person ;-)

4. Where do you get your ideas from?
Everywhere. I have scrapbooks of ideas and inspiration stuffed in the kitchen drawer, pinned up in the office, assorted folders on my hard drive. Anything that jumps from a magazine page and grabs my attention I cut out and keep. Online art communities such as redbubble I find incredibly inspiring, to see the work of so many talented people globally, all the different creative styles, certainly this contributes towards new ideas.

5. What would you rather be regarded as photographer or artist?
Interesting question. I would love to be regarded as both but more see myself as an artist using photography as a medium.

6. Who is your favorite photographer on the bubble?
Difficult to choose amid all the talent but of those I have discovered on redbubble Naomi Mawson is my favourite photographer for artistic imagery.

7. Who is your favorite artist on the bubble?
My favourite artist is Paul Ruiz, I love his distinctive style.

8. What camera equipment do you use?
Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel)
Canon EF 17-85mm f/4 USM
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

9. Any tips for the group?
Follow your heart, don’t stop.

Do check out Katie’s portfolio

Thanks for reading and I hope you all get the idea that this is a community and we’re here to help everyone progress.


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