Elegant Furniture Hire

Dear Fellow Photographers,
I would like to let the redbubble community know that our family business,LifeStyle Furniture Nunawading, can hire stunning furniture to photographers based in Melbourne for use as props and for sets to do photo shoots.We hold some of the most stunning furniture designs in Melbourne…
Please ask for Mark who will assist you with your creative ideas.
Joe Mortelliti

Fight Cancer News

Today received our copy from the Fight Cancer Foundation.
In it is an article about our donation of 10 framed photogrphs to the Bone Marrow Ward of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Staff have been getting feed back on how greatly the images on the walls of the rooms have enhanced the environment for those going through such a traumatic time in thier lives.
I was a “guest” there just on 1 year ago having a BMT, looking at blank bleak walls…when I just happen to have enlargement images come back from the lab, so we blue tacked them to the wall…through those images I was able to escape to the Otways, Outback, Craigs Hut and a host of other favourite locations.
It is so great to know that others are now getting the same benifit.
Readers are being directed to my redbubble por…