A Walking Disaster Waiting to Happen (Humour)

A Walking Disaster Waiting to Happen.…

By Joe Mortelliti

One of our 4wd adventure group really had some issues. We will call him Cedric to ensure his anonymity.

Cedric participated on a few of our remote journeys and was the epitome of everything not to do.

It all worked out ok because the rest of the group was extremely experienced and Cedric got carried along.

On a desert trip Cedric was in his usual state of disarray.
Due to the fruit fly restrictions it is necessary to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables while still within civilization but just prior to traveling into a remote region, both because of the fruit fly restriction zones and the need to buy as fresh as possible.
We were going to be in the desert for about 11 days.

Cedric found that the prices for fruit and vegetables at the la

Camp Fire Tale (Humour)

Camp Fire Tale…

By Joe Mortelliti

One night on a Simpson Desert Crossing Marion(my wife) and I along with some members of our 4wd adventure group were sitting around the camp fire at dusk and it was getting dark.
Sitting opposite me was Scott who was holding a paper back book and perched on his head was a “head light”, one of those camping type lights, a bit like on a miners hat. These units are great as they keep your hands free and the light always points were you are looking.

It had been a pretty hard day as the cross country terrain had been arduous and slow going.
We were all rather tired and the usual jovial camp fire talk was very subdued. Everyone had completed cooking, eating and most were in a state of quiet calm.

I looked across at Scott who had been reading his book with the ai

Queensland...Gods Own Country I'm Told (Humour)

Queensland…Gods Own Country I’m Told…

By Joe Mortelliti

But he forgot about Outback Queensland altogether as far as I’m concerned.
This part of the outback is HUGE, it goes on forever, its barren, harsh and an enormous expanse.
How big you ask, I don’t know but one morning out here we drove on and on, opening and closing gates across the track, on at 80kmph, more gates. We spot a homestead in the distance, out the front on the “driveway” is a chopper and a light plane, me thinks we must be seriously out of the way here.
After some more gates on this track we get to what looks to be the front gate. We drive through, close the gate, you always leave gates the way you found them and look at the sign on the gate, it says Devenport Downs Station and states a number that it’s just a tad short of 1

Bellarine Peninsula... a few highlights

From my school days when I would holiday on my uncles farm at Drysdale, the Bellarine Peninsula was a place of discovery, then as a teenager with a car, the beaches and summer holidays were FUN FUN FUN, just singing along with the Beach Boys.…

Image: Spray Farm Lane

Between Drysdale and Portrlington Spray Farm is one of the many wineries to be found on the peninsula, with this location being used to host international artists.

Leaving Portarlington and heading for Indented Head, the original name of the whole Bellarine Peninsula we come across the scuttled Ozone Paddler Steamer remains.

Image: Ozone Paddle Steamer, with the Melbourne skyline in the background.

John Batman founder of Melbourne landed at Indented Head 1835 and this was his base camp, a historic marker identifies the spot in I

Book Cover Image...Warnambool Wreck

Redbubble member “adgray”: is about to publish her book titled Warnambool Wreck and was looking for a suitable image.…

adgray was in need of a railway bridge image for the cover and I made my way to the
Malmbsury railway bridge as I felt this fitted what she had in mind.

Then submitted the iamge to see what adgray thought.
This is that original image…

I got the feed back that she had hoped for more atmosphere to fit the story line, ie brooding dark skies ready to unleash a storm.
So with a bit of Photoshop I tried to create the weather conditions necessary.

This is my first attempt at seriously manipulating an image… presenting it with little resemblance to the original scene as photographed.
Normally I just do basic adjustments to tweek a correctly expos

Canvas Print of Craigs Hut Sold

Thank you to the mystery buyer..
.I do wish we could get this data base information (who the buyer is and the contact details) so that we can market to our established customers.
We could then make all sorts of further offers at special rates/packages in the future(once or twice each year)
I do this in my existing business and get a huge response…a result that would make your head spin.
Hope your listening RB:-)

Slide Scanners

Would like some feed back on quality slide scanners for 35mm slides. I understand Nikon have one for over $1,000 and Cannon around $500.

If you have some experience on what to buy and results I would love some feed back.
Thanks in advance

A Few Sales

Have not been around the bubble much lately,but nice to see a few sales happening.
Sold a framed print and 2 matted prints.
Thank you to the buyers and it is always a great feeling to have your work selected as a purchase.

Mildura Country Music Festival

Have just got back to Geelong after spending 2 weeks at the Mildura Country Music Festival… Country music is growing om me:-).
Some of these independent artists are terrific, but overall a real great time to be had here.
The whole city gets behind the artists and the city mall, green parks, and river banks become entertainment centres. Venues through out the city have shows on day and night and the entertainment is free as long as you buy a meal.
Non of these artists are contracted to a major recording label, but just choose to market thier own cd and travel extensively doing live performances when not involved in festivals.

Melbourne Herald Sun Features 6 Photographers.

Today, Monday, page 39, The Herald Sun highlights photographer Peter Garnick who quit his position as Managing Director of Orchestra Victoria to pursue his passion for photography.

Peter has taken on an additional roll of mentoring and curating a public exhibition of 5 other photographers.
Chris Fry
Ross Lake
Liz Wearne
John Mead
Joe Mortelliti

The press article highlights why the photographers take pictures along with a sample of each artists work covering over half a page in the Arts and Entertainment section.

The exhibition is called Simmering Passions and is on at the BlackSphere Gallery in Richmond.

Title selected with thanks.

Thank you John Kolwaski and all the others for the title sugestions that were submitted for this shot, the execise was a bit of fun.

I settled for Moo,moo,moo,moo,moo and moo.
Which I bet reads…“Look at the DORK with the camera”

Marketing Your Art

The opening of the Simmering Passions Exhibition in Melbourne was held last night with some hundreds attending over 4 hours.…

My work is also part of this exhibition and this is my first formal up market gallery involvement. Not having been involved at this level before it has been an eye opener.

I believe from the experience of others that this type of activity gets you known and exposed, potentially leading to various doors opening, work commissions and opportunities as well as potential sales from the exhibition itself.

Last night I was introduced to the principle of an agency that has shown interest in one of my Blacksphere displayed images to be used for a Bill Board display and they are now reviewing my portfolio.

Also meet other key figures in Melbourne’s art scene so it was a real

Major Camera Truma

Just read a Journal about Mel who had a wave dump on her and the camera which is now refusing to work.
Might be interesting to hear if others have some adventures gone wrong at the end of a camera.

My friend put his Hassalblad on the roof of his car after a shoot, then promptly got in a drove off…killed it well and truly.

I personally accidently flung my camera from out of my 4wd, it hit the steel side step,then rolled down the bitumin 3 times. Cracked the battery case but still works well some 3 years later…I was sure it was done for and so surprised that everything still functions.

Top lens for sale

My friend wants to sell his AF Nikkor 80-200 ED f2.8 zoom.
This is opticallly a highly valued lens…I’m tempted to buy it myself except my current newish zoom covers the same range.
He is asking $1,200 for it so bubblemail me if you are interested and I will pass on all details.
Thanks Joe

Gallery Promotes Photographers

Blacksphere Gallery in Melbourne will be holding an exhibition in September called Simmering Passion’s.
This gallery in recent times has held around 27 exhibitions featuring photographers.…

My own photographic work will feature in the Simmering Passion’s Exhibition, Sept 6-28th

Promoting your work is an investment that is costly and I am pleased to have found a gallery that has a high interest in photographers. If you feel this is a direction and investment you wish to consider you might want to contact the gallery.

About the Gallery…Dr Alexander L. Grigoriev writes…
“When one thinks about art galleries, the cliche’ image comes to mind of a white cube – a cold impersonal space created not to interfere with the perception of the art itself. We believe that to appreciate art you do not have to

Exif Data

How do you navigate in Photoshop Elements to find the Exif Data?.
I have done this in the past but cannot seem to find the right door after repeated attempts.
I also have CS2.
Thanks in advance.

Simmering Passions Photographic Exhibition

Simmering Passions Photographic Exhibition…

I have been invited to exhibit my work in the Simmering Passions Photographic Exhibition at the Blacksphere Fine Art Gallery, this event being organized by Peter Garnick Photographic Artist.
Blacksphere Gallery ( Dr Alexander L. Grigoriev) and Peter Garnick are active supporters of the Bone Marrow Donor Institute, helping to raise funds.

Peter has reviewed my work and recommended a range of images to exhibit. Peter regularly exhibits on an international basis and being invited by him to exhibit is quite a treat.

The images will be printed by Peter on A2 , Ultra Chrome and will be printed on his studio inkjet printer. Images will be displayed in gloss black, box type frames for a modern look.

Along with a few other photographers I have 10 images o

Creative for a Cause... $60,000 available

Canon are running a competition called “Creative for a Cause”
The link is below

Please have a look and vote for the cause that means the most to you.
Cannon have put up $60,000 prize money that will go to the cause nominated by the winning entries.

I have entered this image below ….and nominated the Fight Cancer Foundation.

I’m alive because of the support given to me.
The image is listed under Medical and Health.

New Day, New Life

New Day, New Life
With caring support from the “Fight Cancer Foundation” and BMDI accommodation we are again blessed and grateful for new awesome sunrises in our life.

Please leave a comment if you vote for New Day, New to know how many redbubblers voted:-)

Nikon lenses for your glasses

Just spent the afternoon updating/ordering my multifocal lenses for my eyes. A brochure in the optometrist promoted these new Nikon lens which maintain a sharp focus across a wider viwing area.

They were about $40 dearer than normal lenses.

Fellow photographers may find this of value. I certainly get frustrated with having to find the sharp “sweet spot” with my current glasses…so hoping these new Nikon ones deliver a better result.

Will give you an update in around 2 weeks time after trying them out

I get to take some more pictures:-)

It’s 13 months since my Bone Marrow Transplant and doctors drilled and took a sample last week.
The first 12 months is the very high risk relapse period.
No leakimic cells are present so I’m sticking around to take some more pictues and maybe complain about snaps being uploaded on redbubble:-)

Not totally out of the woods yet but a pretty good turn around from looking at pushing up daisies:-)

Darren Stones Critique Forum

Darren Stones of Australian Travel and Writing group is offering anyone who wants to learn from Critique to join the forum.
I have been in touch with a number of people who want to be involved in this, but do not know how to imbed an image within a post.
I only learnt how to do this recently with the help of a few redbubble members, it gets pretty easy after a few goes
1- From your “My Bubble Page”…select “ART” your art on second line
2- Pick your image and click on “show public view”
3- Right click the image with your mouse
4- Select “properties” from the drop down menu
5- Left click and highlight the “address URL” holding the left click button you need to move down to highlight the full address as one line tends to be out of sight until you do this.
6- Right click and copy it
7- Paste it into…

Redbubble Art trend...why so many poor snaps

When I joined a couple of years ago the standard of photographic images and art being uploaded was a of very high standard and it was a pleasure to view regularly the daily uploads…

Currently I find that what is being uploaded is very poor a lot of the time.
Photographic “snaps”…. do photographic snaps qualify as art ?…maybe, but I don’t see too many “snap” type images hanging on walls.

I think the “play nice” rule is now allowing a level of work that is often poor and mediocre.
If in addition to “play nice” was the opportunity to critique images I’m sure redbubble would have a very different standard of art being uploaded.

Just one example.
Today there was uploaded a picture of car someone just purchased and was very proud of…
So we play nice and don’t say… this is not art, photographically

Forrest... and Surrounding Otway Region

Forrest township is an old logging town and remains of the old timber mill are still standing.
Image: Farmlands on the edge of Forrest Township

The area is always lush green, even in summer as it is the water catchment area for the city of Geelong, the West Barwon Dam.
West Barwon Dam visitor facilities are a great place for a picnic.
Image: Geelongs water catchment,view 5 mins out of Forrest heading to Apollo Bay

Not far out of town is Lake Elizabeth and the fern walk to the lake is one of the best I have found in the Otways. You need about 20 mins each way and it’s well set out.
For those who want a real hike then you can circumnavigate the Lake when you get there
A camping ground and picnic ground is also located here near the at the start of the walk.
Image: Lush ferns on the walk to Lake E…

The Hay River, Simpson Desert, Australia

For the 4wd adventure traveler the Hay River is a remote wilderness area to explore in the Northern Territory Australia and relatively unknown.…

Lindsay Booke the traditional owner opened up the lands not many years ago for any of us to discover.
We were one of the first groups through and had to find our way at times as no track had been formed for much of the trip, but on our second trip into the area an established track started to be formed and made it easier to make our way.

The trip would see us travel many days to Batton Hill, the home base of Lindsay Booke where he and his family live. The ghost gums of this region are striking.

Along with others we rendezvoused at the agreed time at Mungeranine on the Birdsville track, and from there made our way to Poppel Corner where the 3 states

Old Andado Station,Simpson Desert

On the very western edge of the Simpson Desert is Old Andado Station. This historical site, now holds a heritage listing.
Image: Old Andado

Image: Relic Old Andado Station

Molly Clarke part owner of the station and now living in Alice Springs restored the station in 1972 and we are now able to get a feel and understanding of how early Australian pioneers worked and lived.
Image: Around Old Andado

In the most inhospitable conditions with desert temperatures rising to more than 50 degrees Celsius they prospered…for around 50years.
The station ran cattle, sheep and horses.
Image Old Cart Ruin Old Andado station

Inside the homestead and old out building structures original personal belongings can be seen and appreciated.
Image: Bottles Old Andado Station

You can camp at the station which has g

The Oodnadatta Track and the Old Ghan Railway

The Oodnadatta Track is around 750km of dirt track in outback South Australia.
The Oodnadatta track follows closely a similar route as the Old Ghan Railway which was relocated in 1980 and is now called the Ghan.
I understand the Old Ghan got it’s name as a result of the Afghan camel teams who operated goods transport services to the outback stations from the railway towns and sidings..
The route is an adventure of historical interest with railway sidings, stone railway buildings, track remnants, bridges and railway infrastructure.
The route was also followed by the Overland Telegraph in 1872 and that linked Australia with the rest of the world for the first time with telegraph communication under the sea.
Telegraph Repeater Station ruins and settlements are also on route.
One of the main reas…

Sold a Canvas Print

Redbubble has made another sale for me.

1x Canvas Print of Sunset Ghost Gums Batton Hill, North Simpson Desert
Extra Large.

Many thanks to the buyer, and trust you enjoy displaying and viewing this very remote part of Australia.


Fight Cancer News

Today received our copy from the Fight Cancer Foundation.
In it is an article about our donation of 10 framed photogrphs to the Bone Marrow Ward of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Staff have been getting feed back on how greatly the images on the walls of the rooms have enhanced the environment for those going through such a traumatic time in thier lives.
I was a “guest” there just on 1 year ago having a BMT, looking at blank bleak walls…when I just happen to have enlargement images come back from the lab, so we blue tacked them to the wall…through those images I was able to escape to the Otways, Outback, Craigs Hut and a host of other favourite locations.
It is so great to know that others are now getting the same benifit.
Readers are being directed to my redbubble portfolio to view images an…

Framed image sold

Recently sold a framed image of Barabool Farmer.
Thank you to whoever purchased.
I wish redbubble could provide us with customer details, such a data base would be valueable.
In our furniture business our data base promotions contribute thousands of dollars each year to our sales and provide our loyal customers with all sorts of rewards which they value.
Do others want this information also?

$10,000 Photographic Prize

Came across this tonight on the Sky Business channel where art investment advistors talk live to callers…it follows the usual share market discussions……

The Murrurundi District Arts Council invites photographers to submit works in competition for the 2009 Murrurundi Keddie’s Pastoral Photographic Prize. This inaugural biannual prize, valued at $10,000, has been initiated by the Keddie family and aims to promote excellence in contemporary photography. Entrants to the prize are asked to interpret this year’s theme – WATER – in black and white, with a focus on the significance of water in the natural environment.All entries will be assessed and selected by a panel of judges. The selection of images will be done anonymously based on the quality of the photograph and the prize will be awarded t

Features too much content?

When I go to journal pages I find the constant entries about being featired rather too much.
I think it’s great that people are featured in groups/challenges, but is JOURNAL the best place to adversite the result.?.
Could we not have these entries grouped together somewhere that links us to the image that we can then check out as seperate function to reading journals?
I have been featured many times, but have been unwilling to make it a journal entry and add to the numbers, yet, promoting the group,your work and thanking moderators is desirable.
What do other RB members think.

Thanks for all the views

Thanks redbubble members for visiting my portfolio and leaving so many comments on images.
I often have not been around to thank people for commenting as I have been having a battle with luekemia over the last 2 years and spent so much of that time in hospital..
The view total is nudging 101,000…so I appreciate the interest particularly as there is no figure studies to help acheive popular interest.:-)
Once again many thanks.

Trouble Viewing redbubble

Passing on the experience that for last couple of days I have constantly had problems getting pages to open and move through the redbubble site.
Frustrated after so many hung up efforts, I went from Explorer to Monzilla.
Had no problems at all with Monzilla… opening everything quickly and effectively.
So if your having the same issue, this will solve the problem.

Display Sells Photography

Wanted to provide some feed back to redbubble members based on my experience…
At our furniture store I have a display of about 15 large Gator Board images on a wall, plus my photography is displayed throughout the shop framed and matted.
This month this Gator Board display led to a $5,500 sale of custom size images for use in the offices of a software company.
In addition sales of $400 and another of $500 for use in coastal holiday homes were made to other customers..
The investment in stock for display is costly and the response has been slow in coming at this level, but the displays have provided slow steady sales for last 2 years.
I share this as others may see an opportunity for themselves in how they market thier photography/art

Thanks for voting,

Thanks to those who voted for my image in the group Country Roads and bridges challenge.
Just saw a notification that I won, and it always puts a smile on your face when others like your work..
Thanks to the group organisers who put in the effort to manage the group and arrange challenges, much appreciated.

Selling Images for publication.

I would like to say a little more to Darren’s Stones recent journal, asking if redbubble should sell stock images and I think they should.
I do not go out and shoot for stock, however I have sold over 300 images for books,calendars last 4-5 years or so.
Also sold an image to another redbubble member for a book cover.
Selling images at the istock type prices is a waste of time.
Images would need to be valued at around $150, bigger numbers are acheivable but given the competition from likes of istock getting those bigger rates regularly have proved more difficult each year, with my sales in a library dropping offf each year.
Sales values of $200-500 were quite normal.
My redbubble portfolio holds the bulk of images I have sold through libraries.
Redbubble members could select/check if the…

Beach with blue sky and featuring palm trees

Hi redbubble members,
I have a situation where I’m supplying a number of images to a business office, but they would like one image of beach with a blue sky and featuring palm trees, which I have not got.
I would need a large file as the image is to be put together with the company logo and image size alone will be around 18×28 inches.
So would need to be around 10 megapixel.
Can accomodate a price around $120.
Look forward to hearing back.
Thanks Joe

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