Joe is no longer with us

Hello everyone,

My name is Monique, and I am Joe’s youngest daughter.

It is with great sadness that I must let you know that Joe passed away early Saturday morning, August 25th 2012. He was at home and surrounded by his family.

Some of you may know about his courageous battle with leukaemia, which we thought he had won. But in April they found a brain tumour which was incurable. Back then, they told us he had 4 weeks, but Dad being Dad, he defied the doctors yet again and stayed with us for another 3 and a half months. The way he handled the news and the slow but steady deterioration of his health was an inspiration to us all. We were blessed to have the opportunity to say our goodbyes, and to have the chance to create some extra precious memories before time ran out. He also gave us the gift of planning his own funeral, so in this last few days as we are all in shock, we have not had the extra stress of planning it. We know that it is exactly what he wants, planned right down to the last detail, and it will be a true reflection of him and a real celebration of his life.

We are doing a webcast of the funeral which will be streamed live this Friday from about 1.10pm (AEST), just prior to the service starting, and it will also be uploaded to the archives within a couple of days so people who are unable to make that time can watch it later. If anybody here wishes to “attend”, please email me directly at and introduce yourself and I will let you know the log in details.

Dad has asked me to manage his images and keep his legacy going. I am planning to create new products with his images, and with time I will go through his old slides and convert some of those to upload as well. Having never used Photoshop, I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, but I know that through sheer determination, and hopefully with some help and guidance from some of you, I will work it out and make Dad proud.

I would like to thank each and every one of you, for the friendship and support that you have provided to Dad since he first joined Redbubble, and particularly in the last few years when he wasn’t able to get out and about as much as he had before. This community was such a gift to him.

Thank you, and I will be seeing you soon,

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