By Joe Mortelliti

I now know why some athletes take them.

Due to a medical hiccup I was put on a strong dose of steroids a few months back. This dosage has been slowly reduced since then but in the meanwhile life did change somewhat..
I started getting up at 2.00am and “had” to edited photos, complete some writing and setup check lists for my up coming camping trip…I was so pumped up and running.
Things did improved after a little while and that changed to rising at 4.00am, but the level of activity was intense

My wife although concerned at my level of activity was very pleased that after some years that I had arranged to re carpet our house within days, something I had really been procrastinating about for a long time.
However I think she is still a bit bewildered and cannot understand why her perfectly good 2.5 year old silver Toyota had to be changed for a RED sporty hatch:-)
I’m not sure I have a good answer for that either.

I’m now getting up at 6.00am so hopefully things will and are settling down as the last dose of steroids was taken this week…but the doc tells me to beware that I will be flat for a couple of weeks now.
Maybe that is not a bad thing as the budget was getting a bit of a hammering anyway:-)

Life is interesting don’t you think?.

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