What is Happening Here ?

Over the past few days, I have had enormous problems here with RedBubble, in that the screen often freezes and also sometimes when I try to view a Group, or a different page, then the images are blank and in an incorrect format.

Is this also happening to everyone, or is it just me ?


  • Christina Backus
    Christina Backusalmost 5 years ago

    Hi Morag – nothing like that for me so perhaps it is your server??? How frustrating for you though! Hope it gets sorted quickly. Good luck!

  • inkedsandra
    inkedsandraalmost 5 years ago

    No probs for me Morag.

  • Pamela Phelps
    Pamela Phelpsalmost 5 years ago

    You can be sure RB is about to update, bring in new products or formatting. This has happened to me more than once over the years…conflicts between their server upgrades and our private servers. It will iron out in a few days, just be patient…no sense contacting RB, they will not have the answers you seek…been there done that too!
    When you do see you are having fewer problems though, be sure to clean out your history, cache, and cookies so it does not cause further conflicts.

  • Thank you very much Pamela, I will do just that.

    – Morag Bates

  • Tracy66
    Tracy66almost 5 years ago

    I haven’t had any problems but I dont stay on here for long as the weather is so hot out.
    I’ve only just logged in.!

  • Thank you Tracy, it is a very strange thing that is happening.

    – Morag Bates

  • AuntDot
    AuntDotalmost 5 years ago

    I had a few problems with the screen not scrolling upward, but other problems I was having proved to be the server (Firefox), not RB.

  • Thank you Dot, I hope it settles down soon, as it is very annoying.

    – Morag Bates

  • Brenda Boisvert
    Brenda Boisvertalmost 5 years ago

    I haven’t had any problems, Morag.

  • Thank you Brenda.

    – Morag Bates

  • AngelinaLucia10
    AngelinaLucia10almost 5 years ago

    I haven’t had any problems.

  • Thank you, it is just my computer I think !

    – Morag Bates

  • JaninesWorld
    JaninesWorldalmost 5 years ago

    Not exactly what you are taling about here Morag but myself and several friends over here on redbubble are having bulk trouble uploading their images on here. One guy has been trying for 5 days. I seem to only be able to upload photos now in the mornings. Once in a blue moon I can do it at night. It is very frustrating as you sit there waiting for agaes for the upload and it does absolutely nothing! I give up and then do it in the morning and it works!

  • JJsEscape
    JJsEscapeover 4 years ago

    Hi Morag, Yes I did have problems a few days ago. some of my own photos too were coming up as just a red cross. It seems to have cleared itself now though , so I’m hoping it was just a hiccup!