I was born in Scotland and live in England. I create artistic portrait pictures of people and pets from photographs and was inspired to take up my interest in photography and digital art by Snowdrop who was a great little model. Sadly she is no longer with us and I now have Hermes who is still learning to pose !

Thank you for taking the time to view my work, I really appreciate it, and if you comment and/or favour my art, then I will reciprocate.

I have a Web Site for Snowdrop there are some cute pictures and further information.. Just click on the link below.
Snowdrop the Maltese

This is also a link to my Gallery, where you will find the current items available for purchase. Any money raised here will be donated to The Maltese Rescue Fund.
My Gallery

Finally, I also have a Zazzle Store where there is a more diverse range of products available for sale including a large selection of attractive and unique Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving and Greeting Cards, Home Products and Fashion & Accessories. Here is the link-
Zazzle Store

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I fear that I have had a complete failure of memory as I thought I had already added this important Journal Entry and it appears that I had not. I believe that I might have forgotten to click the “SAVE” button. / My dear friend and co-host Janine has been unable to log in to RB for about a month now. She is in the middle of discussions and it appears that the problem is with her Int…
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Greetings from West Sussex !

Hello Dear Friends, / I am pleased to say that our little holiday is going well, and as promised we went to visit the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary on our way south. / To my surprise, it turned out to be a little house, with a multitude of out buildings full of creatures in the back yard or garden. It was overcrowded to say the least, and when I arrived the proprietor had just received a call…
Posted about 5 years – 9 comments

Snowdrop is "Doggie of the Week" !

I would just like to share some good news with you all, as I have just found out that the Group “Doggie Paradise”, has selected this photograph of Snowdrop, and made her Doggie of the Week. We are thrilled, and off on holiday tomorrow with a gale in our tails !!! / Cold Feet / Snowdrop the Maltese / I will be going on holiday tomorrow, but I will take my laptop computer with me, and …
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An Amazing True Story - Jasmine the Greyhound.

Hello Dear Friends, / I thought I would share this true and heartwarming story with you all. Please take a moment to have a look :- / Jasmine the Greyhound / With best wishes, / Morag
Posted about 5 years – 23 comments