Hi there. Thanks for visiting my site.

I’m a wife and mum and enjoy photographing birds and nature.

I’ve been taking photos for many years but since the introduction of digital cameras, I’ve been more serious about refining my skill.

I live in Australia and use: Nikon D300s & D90, 60mm Macro, Nikon 18-200, Nikon 80-400, Nikon f/1.8 × 50mm, Sigma 17-70, Sigma 10-20, various cokin filters, extension tubes, ring flash

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my pics.

Creation is breathtakingly magnificent; a small glimpse of the Creator. Lets hope it is cared for so the future generations can enjoy it too, not just rely on our images.

All my work is copyright and not for public domain.

  • Age: 53
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