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Lexington, United States


Video on youtube

A very nice lady contacted me recently by email and wanted to know if she could put together a little video of my artwork for Youtube. I said sure so she made it. She said her brother wrote the music for it specifically for my work. I always think it is so wonderful when complete strangers want to do something just to promote your work.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday, Blessings to all!

Free Newsletter

I am going to attempt to send out a monthly newsletter. It will show current works in progress and will keep you informed with what is happening with my work. I will also have a monthly contest with print giveaways, and I am thinking I will include astrology and tarot musings just for fun. You can sign up for free from my website at www.moonspiralart.com.

Hope you are all doing well,

Sacred Familiar interview

I was featured today in a great little newsletter out of Australia from Sacred Familiar called “Within the Grove”. They have featured other wonderful artists like Patricia Ariel in the past, and I am very honored to be in there today. This is their Beltane newsletter and the focus is on past lives. Your can check it out here:

Divina et Femina IV

I just found out I have been chosen to show my work at Divina et Femina IV in Ottawa, Canada in May of 2011. I am super excited about this. For someone like me, this will be like getting to go to Mecca. The keynote speaker this year is Z. Budapest. She is one of the mother’s of the modern women’s spiritual movement. An interesting thing about her is the year I was born, 1975, she got arrested for reading tarot cards in public in California. She fought the law that forbid tarot readings in public for nine years and eventually won. Just this weekend I did tarot readings at a public festival, thanks in part to Z. Budapest.
I have never been to Canada, I can’t wait to go!

My artwork in new book!

I am happy to announce that some of my artwork was chosen to be in a new book by New Art Review called “Angels and Goddesses”.

The book contains work by over 30 artists and photographers. I am very honored to be in this book with other phenomenal artists like Jonathan Bowser. You can checkout and buy the book here.

New art pendants on Etsy

I just added a few art pendants I recently made to my Etsy store. I am playing with different styles, so let me know which ones you like the best. Also, if you would like any of my existing work made into a pendant just let me know.
Here is a link to my pendants.
Hope you are all doing well!


I haven’t posted one of these in awhile, so here goes. My latest work called “The Guardians”. Check her early stages out on my blog.

Finally, I have an Etsy store!

I signed up 2 years ago for an Etsy account, and I just now finally opened my shop. I guess I move slowly with these types of things. I plan to put some of my smaller original works, art pendants, and some prints up for sale eventually. Right now I have 3 original works listed for sale. Please stop in a have a look. If you do Etsy, I would appreciate any advice you have for me. Thanks!

Etsy store

SoJie 3 nomination, and Frannie's amazing webring


by Tammy Moon

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have been selected from out of over 30,000 works of art to display my work in SoJie 3. SoJie 3 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 3rd one, ever, and 56 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on June 2nd, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. The works are shown “gallery s…

Current and Future Exhibition News

If you haven’t done so yet, checkout Helene Ruiz’s pictures from the opening night of the “Masquerade” exhitbion last weekend. I have two pieces in the show, “Jezebel” and “Spirit of the West Wind”.

You can catch this exhibition until June 5th at Gallery 101 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I also just found out today that I have been accepted into the “Generations” exhibit at the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, KY. The exhibiton will run from June 18th until July 30th and is put on by S.E.E. an organization that is bringing the arts and the community together. This is part of a cause to raise money for the St. Joseph’s Childrens home. I will have 3 pieces in the show “Quetzalcoatl”, “Tiamat”, an…

Latest WIP

I have been painting away at a new piece, but have a big old nasty cold today and have no energy to paint. So I thought I would post some WIP pics. Go to my blog to check her out.

Touched By Fire

Awhile back Shadowdancer honored me by asking me to help out with her group Touched by Fire. It is an amazing group that not only features both art and writing, but blogs about it too. I had my first chance to do the features yesterday.
I had a lot of fun writing the blog yesterday. It’s funny, I have my own blog that I sporadically write in about my art, but I honestly don’t keep it very up to date. I think I found yesterday that I enjoy writing about other peoples art more than I do about my own. I also am constantly changing my artist statement around because everytime I go back and read it I think I sound like a jerk….lol. It is just hard to write about yourself, but since I am so addicted to art, it is a blast to write about other artists.
So anyway, if you ha…

Art in Motion Success!

I had a small booth at an event here in Lexington called Art in Motion last night. The people that dropped by my booth were so supportive of me and my work. I had a great time, sold a lot of prints and one original sold. I sold the original of “I Feel Fragile Today”. She has been my most popular piece ever on Red Bubble and then I sold her fairly quickly. Hum….now the trick is to try and repeat what is so good about her in another piece….lol.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Trying to catch up

I haven’t wrote a thankyou for the features journal in awhile, but I wanted to try to catch up on recent stuff so here goes…..
Thankyou Friends of Red Bubble and In-between for featuring my latest work “A Fragile Tension”

Thankyou to everyone who voted in the Lynette K. Challenge in Bubbler Portraits. This is my first challenge win in quite sometime so I am very excited about it :)

I just noticed my “I Feel Fragile Today” has made it to the first page of the
30 day popular works. That has never happened to me so I wanted to thank everyone who commented and faved her over the last month!

If you are anywhere near Lexington, KY make sure and come out to Buster’s Bar on Saturday for the ART in Motion Shakedown. I will have a booth selling prints and…

The Astrology of Groups

I have noticed a wee bit of drama getting stirred up in more than a couple of groups I am in right now. I am always saying I think it is funny how whatever astrological events are going on at any given moment seem to play themselves out here on the Bubble. I tend to think that creative people are more open to receiving energy, or have more clear chakra systems. Maybe all of us on RB tend to be a little more susceptible to all the energy changes that occur. The point of astrology is that it helps you to realize this. It is a tool that helps lead to self-realization.
I just wrote all of this to someone that is struggling with some negativity from someone in a group she hosts. I thought I would post it in a journal here too hoping it might give a few of you insight into things that ar…

Fragile, WIP

Just posted a few picks of my latest Work in Progress on my blog. Don’t know when I am going to be able finish her, so I thought I would give you a sneak peek.

Thinking of Tammy

My heart is aching for Tammy right now, as I am sure many of yours do. She was one of the first people to support me on this site, and I hate to see her go through this painful time of mourning. I wanted to offer this video about Death, as the wisdom contained within it has helped me on a few occasions dealing with loss.

Doubly excited about the homepage!!!!!!

Pearl is on the homepage tonight :)

Red bent the rules this week in the Pick the homepage forum and allowed us to pick a homepage with one of our works in it. So I actually picked the whole layout. It is kind of like featuring yourself in a group you host, but hey….getting on the homepage is nothing to shake a stick at….right?!!! Anyway, it is doubly exciting to be on it and to have picked it too! Congrats to all the other artists, obviously I love your work :)

Fooling with Homepage layouts

This is just a place where I fool around with homepage layout suggestions. No need to comment on it, unless you are just bored and have nothing else to do :)

Pop Surrealism




The Magic of Childhood

Enchanted Places

Butterflies for TK

Gypsy Soul

Random Stuff

Paisley and Peacocks

Acrylic Painting


Pretty in Pink

Lions, Tigers, and Bears….OH MY

Women and Nature

Earth Day

Apples and Pears

Just Flowin’ and Blowin’ muted

*Flowin’ and Blowin’ yello…

Solo Exhibition and New Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, my Solo Exhibit is going on right now! Yippee. Please go check it out, and maybe come by and say hi at my reception here!

Here is the other thing I am very excited to share. I am now hosting a brand new group along with Stephanie Allison and Lynsye Medalia. It is called Pop Surrealism. Here is the description from the homepage:
Pop Surrealism is becoming one of the fastest growing and popular movements among the art world. It is also called Lowbrow which was coined by Juxtapoz magazine in the early nineties. Early on it was influenced by underground comics, punk and rock music, vintage pinups, and the 1960’s hot rod culture. Pop Surrealism has began to morph into much more. It is about culture with a distorted or surreal vision.
Pop Surrealism is often dreamy, slightly comical

Lazy Journal Junkie

I am afraid I really don’t deserve to be the host of Journal Junkies anymore with my lazidasical ways. I have had a few features in the past few weeks and I haven’t posted a journal about a single one. I know you are all shocked….well I will try to do better and here are a few of those recent features.
Dragonfly was featured in Friends of Red Bubble and Fine Art of the Female Form.
The Disheveled Flapper was featured in Bubbler Portraits and in Got Melacortin-1?
Pearl was featured in Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement.
Soft Rain was featured in Behind the Mask.
White Witch was featured in The Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork.
And Aine was featured in Hairstyles.
Okay well that catches me up for the last week, that will have to do for now. A big thankyou to all …

My work at Common Grounds

I love it when I get to see your work hanging on the walls at your exhibitions or even on your own walls. It is always fun to see them in real life, and I am usually surprised by how big or small they actually are.
So here are a couple of shots of some of my paintings hanging on the walls of Common Grounds coffeehouse and cafe in Lexington, Ky. They will be there from January 9th until March 6th. It is a great little coffee shop with a lot of atmosphere and local traffic, so it will be a good spot for me to get some exposure in the area.

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