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Totem Spirit Drawings

A few weeks ago I started offering these drawings as a sort of commission. They are called Totem spirit drawings and here is a little about them and some samples of what they look like:

These drawings contain a combination of animal and plant spirit guides, archetypal symbols, and higher dimensional energies. Somewhat like a tarot card, these drawings trigger our subconscious mind and our deeper knowing.

I spent many years giving tarot readings both professionally and personally and feel a deep connection to symbolism. I feel that artists often understand the language of archetypal symbols. With these drawings I want to create a sort of road map of your soul, almost like your own personal tarot card.

I work with your full name to uncover many of the symbols and archetypes you work with. I use a process called Lexigramming your name to connect me with your Akashic Record, the record of your soul. There will be a combination of about 7 animals, archetypes and/or angels in the drawing done in my unique style. You are welcome to tell me any totems you would really like in the drawing, or you can just let me uncover them for you; or better yet, the drawing can be a combo of both.

The drawing is 8×10 inches and comes already matted in an 11×14 inch black or cream mat. The media is graphite pencil, watercolor, and ink on cold-pressed watercolor paper. It will also come with a note letting you know all of the symbols and their meanings.

Samples of Totem Spirit Drawings:

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